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Happy Friday! This week’s issue features some fancy feats of CSS recreating the Netflix intro and doing fancy things with perspective. There’s also an impressive motion reel and a tutorial on morphing SVG with React Spring. Lots of fun things for everyone.

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Fjell Maxim experiments #dzy

A collection of TV intros animated in CSS. It's really neat to see how these were pulled off. It starts with the Netflix intro animation to make it even more true to life.


Bill and Ted phone
Dial a year and do some zoomy time travel with this retro payphone keypad. Definitely a #dzy motion warning on this one for the vortex effects.

Promo code interaction
A fun star-filled animation to celebrate a successful promo code. This sort of interaction is definitely a place where there’s room to have a bit more fun and mark the moment.

This one is really cool, but it also makes me a little anxious to watch these little cylinder characters run around endlessly.

Motion reel
A fun instagram-sized motion reel featuring some fun characters. (The ghost is my fav.)

Fun with CSS perspective and transforms
A nice reminder that CSS can do some very amazing and lovely looking things. Add the power of perspective and transforms to your list of reasons to never underestimate the power of CSS.


Morphing SVG with React Spring
Morphing SVGs is super fun! This article shows you how to pull off some abstract morphing with React Spring.

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