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Happy Friday! This week went incredibly fast around here. I got to be a part of a few different virtual events and I had a blast getting to chat animation, remote work, and other design topics with everyone.

This week’s issue looks at CSS motion paths and morphing animations from a slightly different perspective along with a fun scroll animation and a CSS solar system too.

If you just need something fun and light right now, I’d suggest starting with the bubble tape text and solar CSS links from below.

Stay safe, 

- Val

p.s. Replies go straight to my email, and I read them all. Reply and let me know what you’re working on.



Kontrapunkt Type #dzy

A very slick and dramatic 3D type demo site. The stark contrast between the black type, lighting, and bright colors makes for a very cinematic effect. The extruding type over photos in the application section has some neat layouts too.


People of the pandemic game
Shirley Wu’s latest data viz project that mixes abstract visuals with real data and shows your the results of your choices along the way. More info on how it was made in this Twitter thread too.

Single div waffle
There’s something very satisfying about watching this waffle get smothered in caramel sauce.

Solar CSS
A lovely rendition of our solar system done in CSS. And there’s even a 3D mode too.

Bubble tape text
A different kind of scroll-based animation that will make you smile.

Different approaches to responsive CSS motion path
Related to the article above, Michelle weighs in with even more options and considerations for creating responsive CSS motion paths. Responsive motion paths is definitely something worth digging into more.


Morphing animations with CSS clip-path
When you think of morphing animations, you probably think of SVG and its morphtastic abilities. But CSS clip-path can be used to make morphing animations too. This tutorial digs into how and when you might go that route.


Tips for writing animation code efficiently
A helpful read from Zach Saucier on best practices for writing efficient animation code. The tips cover everything from using staggers to using timelines, and everything in between.

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