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Happy Weekend! This week’s issue features a colorful portfolio site, a snowflake generator, and an in-depth look at combining CSS animation and 3D transforms. Don’t miss the inspiring websites roundup below too, that’s always a fun list to go through.

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Aurelia Studio

I love the colors, layers and happily dancing type of this portfolio site. The custom cursor and hover effects also add a unique touch. (Check out some of her animation work on Vimeo too.)


Snowflake generator
Play with pretty snowflakes without having to go out in the cold.

A lovely and relaxing scene of moving colors.

Looney Tunes in CSS
A detailed tutorial with lots of code examples along the way. Even if you aren’t into Looney Tunes you’ll learn lots about 3D transforms and CSS animation from this one.

Twisted colorful Three.js spheres
This tutorial covers a whole lot of ground showing you how to make animated spheres with shaders and more.

Time to drink coffee?
A coffee themed SVG animation with a little bit of draw-on effect and a little bit of shape morphing.

Inspirational website roundup
Another installment of this roundup from the folks at Codrops. There’s a lot of bold typography in sites in this list too.

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