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Happy Saturday!

This week’s issue has a longer-than-usual list of inspiring links, one very handy CSS technique, and two neat animated text effect libraries.

If you just need something fun and light right now, I recommend starting with the single div ball toss and boids links below.

Until next week, 

- Val

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Single div ball toss
Lynn and her single div CSS magic are always so amazing. (Apparently this one doesn’t do well in Safari though.)

A very neat 3D animated font demo from animography.

Button squish animation
Subtle doesn’t have to mean boring! Aaron Iker’s button squish animation comes in two different variations too.

Rolling counter slider
I’ve seen some cool sliders, and some cool counter animations too, but never the two together... until now, of course.

A relaxing pool scene made with SVG filters by Kasper DeBruyne.

A bright and colorful demo that even lets you control some of the variables by Marius Ballot.

CSS only slide up hover effect
A commonly asked for, yet sometimes tricky, hover effect. Michelle walks you through how to make it work with just CSS.


A write-on typewriter effect library for React with some neat variations.


Rough notation
A small JavaScript library to create and animate annotations. It could definitely fit in with a sketchnotes or hand-drawn kind of vibe.

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