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Happy Friday! This week’s issue is full of fun animated details. From a bookmark icon or clock, to a mini self portrait, animation can really bring things to life!

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- Val

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Chiara Luzzana site #dzy

A lovely site for a sound designer featuring some nice animation effects and high-contrast type. I especially like the hover effects with the big bold numbers and bendable lines on the project page.


Diagonal image scroller
A diagonal take on an image slide show by tripti.

Animated clock
The way the icon morphs and changes with the time of day makes this clock extra fun.

Tiny birthday cake
A little cake and lots of confetti from agathaco to celebrate her birthday.

The wave animation of this bookmark icon is super subtle but also a very powerful detail.

Rough cut
This motion short seamlessly weaves between illustration styles and voices to tell its story.

Creating a menu image hover animation
A Codrops tutorial showing you how to add and depth to an oversized menu with a unique image hover effect.


Making lil’ me - part 1
Cassie explains how she animated her mini self portrait using mouse position and SVG.


Awesome demos roundup #16
It makes me happy to know that there are enough fun demos out there for 16 issues of this Codrops roundup. The list is full of impressive work as always.

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