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Happy Friday! If this week’s issue has a theme it would be neat animated toggles and animated type. It’s always fun when you find these unexpected themes in the week’s links.

Along with that, there are also two very helpful articles for working with SVGs. Lots of great info and inspiration in this week’s issue!

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- Val

p.s. Replies go straight to my email, and I read them all. Reply and let me know what animation things you’re working on.



Nathan Taylor portfolio site

The way each box of content appears static at first but is brought to life when you interact with it makes this page a unique choose your own adventure kind of thing. The PACMAN variation on marquee text is very fun too.


Night & day
A pretty and dramatic day to night toggle by Steve Gardner.

A bubbly playful 3D type animation from Mat Voyce. He has lots of other great animate type work on his Instagram as well.

Type in motion #1
Dramatic black and white animation that bends and warps type beautifully in 3d.

I love these toggles from Olivia Ng so much! I think the pancake toggle might be my favourite, but I might just be hungry.

Folding paper login form
The faux fold of this form bring a little flare to your basic login form.

Use and reuse everything (even animation) with SVG
The use element is one more reason why SVGs are magically amazing things. Mariana Beldi shows you some handy ways to reuse animation and more within and SVG in this tutorial.


GSAP 3.1 released
GSAP released an update with some neat additions to things like advanced staggers, timeline behaviors, and more.


Optimizing SVG
Having well optimized SVGs can save you a lot of headaches. Michelle has lots of great advice on how to best optimize your SVGs in this post. For even more on optimizing SVGs out of Illustrator, I made this video explaining all the Illustrator SVG export setting.


Just one conference left for me to wrap up this year! If you’ll be there too, come say hi!

An Event Apart DC
April 13-15

An Event Apart Seattle
May 11-13

Pixel Pioneers
June 12


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