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Happy Friday! We’ve got a lot of cool 3D and filters going on in this week’s issue. That makes it a fun one! The CSS popsicles, webGL experiments and unfolding SVG shapes links all have some interesting source code to dig into too if that’s your style.

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Stripe redesign #dzy

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me that I was really going to like the new Stripe site when it went live. And he was right, I do!

The soft and colorful aura animation on the home page is both beautiful and impressive. Plus, the way the similar colours and blend modes are used in other UI animations throughout the site help to keep that vibe going as you delve further into it. (The real site looks much better than the .gif above!)


Summery fun with SVG filters from Adam Kuhn.

Health app character
A very cool take on a health tracking UI complete with a 3D character to (literally) walk you through the screen transitions.

WebGL experiments # dzy
A chill and colorful collection of WebGL experiments by Lea Rosema.

Moon river
A lovely reflective 3D night scene by Toshiya Marukubo.

Clipped image reveal hover
A neat reveal hover effect powered by CSS clip-path and mouse position from Katherine Keto.

Unfolding SVG shapes
A cool trick to play with your SVG shapes! Craig even wrote up a detailed tutorial to show you how it was all done.


30 great parallax sites
Love it or hate it, parallax seems to be here to stay. The folks at Awwwards collected up a list of 30 impressive uses of parallax on the web.

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