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Happy Friday! This week’s issue has a lot of black and white and fun canvas effects. On the more practical side there’s a handy example of using clip-path for hover effects, and a talk from Chris Gannon on staying inspired and making things. Lots of fun stuff for your Friday!

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Stripe Issuing

I could just stare at this floating card for hours. It’s got the super slick animation style we’ve come to expect from the folks at Stripe. And it has just enough subtle flair to makes credit cards feel interesting. Under the hood it’s a clever combo of canvas and 3d transforms.

liquid canvas effect

Layered water
Layers of liquidy interactive fun.

Animated boxes
A trippy 3D pattern brought to life with Three.js and anime.js

Spacey interactive starfield

Rymd (#dzy)
A very zoomy and fun canvas star field by Hakim El Hattab.

Stripes to letters

Stay true
A fun bit of lines to lettering animation by Adam Kuhn. 


Text distortion effect using blotter.js
This tutorial walks you through creating some very wobbly distorted text effects with blotter.js (a library for creating text effects with GLSL shaders). Fun stuff from the Mary Lou at Codrops!


Clip-path hover effects
A neat example of how you can use clip-path to make some hover effects from Bobby Korec.


Custom cursor effect
Custom cursors are all the rage these days, this tutorial shows you how to make one with Paper.js and noise.


The almighty rabbit hole (video)
Chris Gannon talks inspiration and shares a bit of his process behind animating all the things.



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