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I’m writing this from NYC where I spoke at the Awwwards conference yesterday. It was a fun one.

This week’s issue has some inspiring UI concepts as well as some practical articles on implementing Material Design and spinners, all for your reading pleasure below.

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Wealth Simple

The segments of the rolling coin animations throughout this site help draw you in while also reinforcing the visual concept throughout the page. They almost make it feel like you really are scrolling through a a little bit of a of Rube Goldberg machine. 


A group of very chill and moody jellyfish by Noel Delgado.

Booking flights with an active interface
The animation in this concept by Gleb Kuznetsov really does make the flight booking experience feel more energetic and active.

Reservation motion
The use of arcs in the motion in this mock-up gives a soft and causal feel to the interactions.


Page flip layout
A playful take on a magazine like layout with page flip animations from MaryLou at Codrops.


How to create Material Design-like form text fields
A helpful read on pulling off Material Design animations in your forms.


A brief history of flickering spinners
An interesting read from Mikael Ainalem looking at whether or not we really need spinners for short loading times, and how to bring them in and out of view efficiently.


CSS animations and transitions in email
CSS animation in email? Is it even possible? Kind of. Chris Coyier layouts out your options in this short post.


Updates available
A series of animated update prompts that might just be your worst nightmare from sean_codes.


Just one last conferences left on my schedule for this year. I’m currently booking talks for 2019. Get in touch if you’d like to have me speak at your event next year. 

An Event Apart San Francisco
Dec 10 - 12, 2018

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