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Happy Friday! I can’t believe it's Friday again already. Every week seems to both fly by and take forever lately.

I haven’t had a lot of event-related updates to share over the last few months, but I recorded a talk for Web Directions Code earlier this week, and I'll be joining Women Talk Design for their Speaker Stories series this coming Tuesday.

This week’s issue features some animated illustration, an inspiring roundup, a cute whale, and an update on WAAPI support. That’s a lot of ground covered in one set of links.

Until next week, 

- Val

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Dark site

This one isn’t new, but I just discovered it this week as I’ve started watching this series. I especially like the animated visualization of each episode’s timelines and how that timeline is used in the page transitions. The use of sound on the site really helps make it feel like an extension of the episodes themselves.


I really love the style of this piece by Yukai Du.

Animated whale
A super cute and happy whale from Agathaco that will put a smile on your face.

Mobile globe detail view
The detail modals really come to life in this design. The way they're always moving maintains the depth and energy of the globe underneath them.

UI interactions and animations roundup #9
Another installment of this super fun collection. I always love seeing what ends up on these lists.


Edge/Chrome release support for composite in the Web Animations API
Dan Wilson explains more about the expanded WAAPI support with a handy example in this tweet thread.


Magnetic button demo
The fun is in the details of this button demo from Codrops. Its behaviour is subtle, but you can tell right away that it's not just a regular.

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