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This week’s issue features some fun uses of SVG filter effects, a closer look at loading animations and some inspiration for off-canvas navigation patterns.

Also, in web animation news, Jen Simmons tweeted about a very interesting potential scroll-linked animations proposal draft. It’s worth a read if you’ve ever wanted to create scroll-based animations with only CSS. This is just a potential draft at the moment, but if it’s something you’d like to see happen, reply to Jen’s tweet to let the working group know. 

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p.s. Replies go straight to my email, and I read them all. Tell me about what you’re working on.



Festival site

Festival Franciacorta

A unique take on animated text and interesting hover effects. Not something you’d want to do on every block of text on a site, but for a special event site, it works nicely. There are some other nice bits of animation throughout the site too.

Trippy shaders

GLSL refactored rays #dzy
A lovely yet totally mind bending demo by Liam Egan.

Beautiful and soothing 3d animations

Soothing animations
I love this collection of soothing 3D animations from Pan Maria. I could watch them all day!

A short and moody teaser animation

A short but sweet motion graphics piece that’s a hint of a larger project. It manages to convey so much emotion in just a few seconds.


Image distortion effects with SVG filters
Distortion hovering effects powered by SVG filters and GSAP from Mary Lou at Codrops.


Everything you need to know about loading animations
A helpful rundown of tips for making good loading animations with lots of examples.


Off canvas navigation variations
An exploration of some different off-canvas navigation animations by Natali Davydova.


How to render 3D in 2D canvas
A detailed look at how to render basic 3D shapes using the JavaScript Canvas 2D API.



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