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Summer has ended and the kids are back to school. I hope the end of summer will help to relieve some of this heat we are experiencing. Just the walk to the car has us sparkling a little. Yes, we sparkle, we don’t sweat.
As one of the new members of the team I am super excited to be a part of the upcoming sponsorships and event season. There will be conferences and seminars to plan, promote and some we will just attend. It’s a good thing we have our new intern, Miriam, here to help and learn the ropes of the industry. 
Media relations is a big part of the upcoming events, so we’ve explored this topic in our blog. From old-school snail mail to the current world where 140 characters is deemed informative, industry standards are constantly shifting. Our PR guru and resident coffee expert, Elissa, has covered all the bases and outlined best practices and tools to make PR a part of your practice. 

Toodles for now,

local love.
Here are some local community groups and organisations we’ve been able to lend a helping hand to – working with inspiring people like this gives us some serious warm fuzzies:

The Devil You Know film premiere

The Devil You Know is an independent short film that was written, shot, directed and produced in the Cayman Islands. One of the goals was to bring attention to Cayman’s film industry and arts community, which Tower is proud to support.  We've been behind the scenes helping with media relations, design & marketing communications - the feedback has been phenomenal! 

Tower Titans

The co-ed softball season has started and Tower is excited to be a sponsor. Last season the Titans won the championship and we have been warming up our vocal chords to cheer on the team for another great season! Our first game this week saw the Titans take down KPMG 10-6, and boy did they work for it. 


september 2014

 Crime after Crime screening

100 Women in Hedge Funds (WHF) invite you to a screening of the multi award-winning documentary film, Crime after Crime, and a presentation by one of the main characters, Joshua Safran. Tickets are $65 and includes presentation, film screening, drinks and canapés. Doors open at 5:15pm at Harquail Theatre.
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september 2014

The Devil You Know film premiere

6pm | 7:30 pm | 8:30 pm - Regal Cinemas
The Devil You Know is a short Caymanian Film. This is the world premiere and the only night to see the film as well as behind-the-scenes footage. Tickets available at Discovery Centre in Camana Bay for $25, which get you access to the short film, behind-the scenes-footage, the exclusive after party at Abacus as well as a free drink. Come mix & mingle with the cast, crew and Miss Cayman Contestants.
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october 2014

Pilates for Pink

From pink champagne & cardio-kick pilates to total body Barre Bootcamp workout, the 8th annual Pilates for Pink has everything you need for a great Saturday morning PLUS a great opportunity to support the Cayman Islands Cancer Society in its efforts to provide financial aid for patients and their families.
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october 2014

Moving Art for ARK

7pm - Midnight 
It’s soon time for Acts of Random Kindness’ 3rd Annual “Moving Art for Ark.” This year the event will be hosted at The National Gallery and it is set to be a night to remember. Mark your calendars and book your tickets for “ONE FANTASTICAL EVENING!"
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in other tower news...

Welcome Miriam

Internships are important for career growth and Tower has taken another intern under its wing. Miriam has spent the summer interning with us and will continue to supplement her studies by interning with us throughout the academic year. She hopes to gain valuable experiences and learn strategies and techniques used in the marketing industry. As a young Caymanian, she also hopes to learn more about the various ways in which Tower contributes to the Cayman community. View Miriam's profile here.

Welcome (back) Ileana

A familiar face to us, Ileana, known to us as Ily, has graduated and is now a permanent member of the Tower team. She interned for us last summer as a graphic designer with a special request to be involved in all aspects of marketing. Now that she has completed her degree she has returned to use her talents and make a name for herself in Cayman's marketing industry. View Ily's profile here.

Paul Harris Award

Our managing director, Lynne Byles, received the Paul Harris award for having made significant contributions to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Rotary International is an international service organization, which is focused on giving back to and supporting the local community. Congrats Lynne!

Education is everything

We all know education is important. Here at Tower we believe a beautiful education is even better. We are proud to have designed logos for both of Cayman’s colleges. In 2004 when the institution changed its name from the Community College of the Cayman Islands to the University College, Tower helped UCCI rebrand with a new logo, giving it a fresh face and bold appearance.

More recently, The International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI) was also re-branded by Tower. We have also been working hard with their new President on their brand spankin' new website.

BLOG > the times they are a changin'

Once upon a time when I was a young girl working in a big PR agency in a big city we would print out press releases, staple them, fold them and stuff them into envelopes. Then we would label the envelopes, stick a stamp on them and post them to the media. Post, as in snail-mail. Photographs would be printed and glued to a card so they wouldn’t bend, a caption printed to a label and stuck to the back. Paper cuts abound! We would mail press kits, save content to floppy disks, conduct press tours in person, visit news rooms and pitch stories to journalists in person, cut clippings from the newspaper, glue them to paper and send them to a client via snail-mail too. I can’t forget measuring column inches with a ruler to show a client return on investment, and lunches and coffees with journalists which developed into not only column inches but many great friendships too. Everything was done by hand, and more often or not, in person. Seems antiquated now, but the thing is – I’m really not that old. Really.
I was reflecting on the good ol’ times recently when we held a press conference for our client, Health City, to announce the Caribbean’s first artificial heart pump surgery. We had local press in attendance that received our release via email, we streamed the event via Livestream which offered regional and global journalists the ability to watch the event and ask questions via a chat area, we opened up the event to the Twitter-sphere providing another channel for questions and we distributed video, photos, press releases and press kits via online newswire service and our own email database. Advances in technology are changing the practices of modern media relations making it quicker, more efficient and more cost effective.

The way people receive news has changed. Print is no longer king. The New York Times’ iphone app has been downloaded more than 19 million times. More people use smart phones now than computers. News breaking on Twitter is faster than any other source and news organisations can no longer break news because they’re not fast enough. We don’t just depend on journalists and publications to help tell our story - now we have bloggers.  The world is less insular, more global and more interconnected.

But besides taking a stroll down memory lane and singing old Bob Dylan ballads, how can we use these advances in our day-to-day business?
A great place to start is a review of your online newsroom. Here is some best practice advice and tools to consider:
  • Multimedia – an essential resources: video, video news releases (VNRs), video tours, audio and sound bites; embed your multimedia within news stories
  • Image  library – provide images of sufficient quality for use, either online or offline; offer quantity and variety
  • Infographics – a favourite with today’s media. Use them.
  • Blogs – a good source of information and additional story ideas. Link them to your newsroom
  • Twitter – is your Twitter account active? And while you’re at it, check your LinkedIn page too. Journalists use these social media sites for sourcing
  • Searchable and organised – ensure the media can find what they need. Organise by topic, text, audio/video and photo assets. Provide a search function
  • Use streaming - for tours, press conferences, announcements etc. There are many online tools available: Livestream, UStream
  • Keep it current and stay active – remove out of date information and post regularly
  • Keep in touch – people want to deal with people so make contact details easily accessible. Provide the ability to sign up for company updates via email or RSS
Coca-Cola, Siemens and FedEx  are great examples of corporate online newsrooms that tick many of the boxes above.
And while technology may move faster than a girl untagging herself in an ugly picture, when it comes to media relations there are some things that haven’t changed –media relations professionals must continue to develop and create a compelling message with powerful words and images. And through this, provide facts, awareness, credibility, authenticity and thought leadership.
While I’m thankful for how much easier technology makes my job, the ‘new ways’ sometimes feel impersonal and a little automated, so I’m more than happy to meet anyone for a coffee. I’ll even buy!

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