Just when you might have thought that we'd fallen off the wagon already with our New Year's resolution, here we are with our second monthly newsletter for 2016!

It's been another busy month for #TeamTower; competing in Off The Beaten Track, preparing to launch the Cayman Islands' first Spirit of Sports Awards (read more below) and assisting several of our clients with collateral for their booths at last week's Chamber of Commerce Careers, Education and Training Expo.

Leading on from our look back at 2015 last month, we have been getting insightful and looking ahead at the opportunities and challenges in Cayman in 2016. Take a look at our insights here.


In other news this month, Lynne and Elissa caught up with some of our favourite Tower Alumni, Brooke revived "Book Club" and we all celebrated Lynne's birthday with an amazing sushi cake.

Our market research team have been hard at work analysing the data from Tower's annual consumer survey and hitting the streets for a face to face project for an international client. We look forward to sharing the highlights of our consumer survey with you next month.

In the meantime, conference season is well underway and Taryn has the top tips that you need to know for writing a memorable speech or presentation in our blog below.

Happy reading!

local love.
Here are some local community groups and organisations we’ve been able to lend a helping hand to – working with inspiring people like this gives us some serious warm fuzzies:

Off The Beaten Track

#TeamTower had a great time participating in the 7th Annual "Off The Beaten Track" Relay. We are proud to have supported this event since inception and so happy to see it grow from strength to strength with over 400 people taking part this year. Let the training begin for 2017! 

Interscholastic Track and Field Meet

We are pleased to partner with the Cayman Islands Department of Sports and the Cayman Islands Athletics Association to raise the profile of the upcoming Interscholastic Track and Field meet, March 1-3 at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex.

Rotary Science Fair

While we are generally a creative bunch, we also love science and are proud to have re-branded and supported the Rotary Science Fair over the past 5 years. This annual competition allows students to demonstrate their skills and compete for major prizes to assist them with future college studies. Good luck to all the students taking part this year!


march 2016

Interscholastic Track & Field Meet

Young athletes compete in the 8th Annual Interscholastic Track and Field Meet at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex.

> Find out more


march 2016


GAIM Ops Cayman is the hedge fund industry's leading operations and compliance event for CCOs, COOs, Heads of ODD, GCs, and CFOs.

> Find out more

march 2016 

Pilates In The Park

Monday nights 5:30-6:15pm in the park by the Wicket in Cricket Square. Bring your own mat, enjoy the fresh air and blast your core with a great Pilates mat workout. 

> Find out more

in other tower news...

Spirit Of Sports Awards

Tower is very excited to unveil the Cayman Islands' Inaugural Spirit of Sports Awards, celebrating sporting excellence and sportsmanship in our community.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or sign up on our website for more information.


The month of February was very busy with a Valentine’s "Love Yourself" campaign, Pilates Boot Camp revival, Free Fitness February and the return of Pilates in the Park. Tower had lots of fun creating each piece of collateral for social and digital media. Each campaign gives us an opportunity to dive into the colorful and creative side of marketing and design which we just love.

Cayman Finance Education Programme

Cayman Finance has just launched the 2016 Student Education & Work Experience programme in partnership with the Ministry of Financial Services and the Ministry of Education. Tower is honoured to be working alongside our client on this important programme for a second year.
Chamber Of Commerce Careers, Education and Training Expo
Many of our clients including Cayman Finance, Health City Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority were proud to participate in this event showcasing the employment, scholarship, training and internship opportunities available at their respective companies.

BLOG > This is their time, not yours

Do you know the number one killer of presentations and speeches? Self-indulgence. Holding your audience hostage with long factual speeches or information-heavy presentations is not going to earn you a genuine applause. Bore your audience and their attention will wane quickly. Remember, the longer you talk, the more likely the balk!

Here are some tips to writing a great memorable speech or presentation:

Short and sweet: Keep your messages clear and concise and to a maximum of three to be impactful and allow your audience to process and retain the information. If it’s a presentation keep slides to a minimum of 10, with no more than six words on a slide – talk to your audience, don’t let them tune you out and read your slides instead.

Be memorable: 80% of your speech or presentation should be entertaining – 20% informational. Using shock statistics, humour, emotional videos, story-telling case studies and visual graphics can get your point across while engaging your audience with emotional impact.  Considering the human attention span is about 8 seconds, you’ll need to connect with your audience fast and keep them wanting more.
Follow a path: Ensure your speech or presentation has a structure, with a strong opening and closing.  Audiences want to know where you’re going and why – so be clear upfront and make sure you stick to it.  Veering off on a tangent makes the audience lose faith in you, weakening your message. Respect their time, make a logical journey and they will voluntarily loan you their ears.  

Keep it classy: Toilet humour, cheesy images or distracting spinning transitions are better left in the bar or the 80’s than in your presentation or speech.  Use professional stock images, engaging videos and large clean modern fonts.  Your appearance extends to your presentation. 

Connect and humanize: If the audience don’t connect with you, they will not buy-in to your message, so be comfortable, smile, make eye contact and be confident. 

Your audience is doing you a favour in giving up their time and attention for you, so make a good impression by keeping it short, leaving them with two or three takeaway messages and entertain, entertain, entertain.

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