Tower superheroes love nothing more than donning their capes and turning their powers to help those in our community that need it most. So when a friend asked us to help the Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry with its marketing and communications needs we pulled up our thigh-high red boots, grabbed our lassos and sharpened our pens. Delano wasn’t thrilled about the boots, but hey, he’ll get over it.

The regional registry has a total of 400 people in its database. 400. That is it. For the entire Caribbean. This is crazy to me. We can do better. People’s lives depend on it. So we’ve partnered with the registry and we have a goal to triple this number by the end of the year. We hit the ground running with a new logo, FB refresh, rack cards, banners and media relations. We’re currently working on refreshing the website and have lots of other fab ideas in our arsenal, so expect to hear from us. And we expect our Tower friends to register. Please and thank you.

Our values show we’re driven to make a difference in our community which is why we always help when we can. They also say we are a team and we make it fun, because

happy people produce great work. A couple of weeks ago we put our team relationships to the test with a visit to Cayman’s escape room – Locked Inn.

Everybody’s greatest and worst features shone through– problem solving skills, how well we work with others, how we respond to stress and pressure, and whether we were a mathlete or a word whiz. We sorted the know-it-alls from the cheer-leaders, the empowered from the delegators, and the innovators from the analyticals.

What did we learn? We learned individual strengths and talents are important, but team relationships and effective teamwork is crucial. We learned that a team needs all kinds of personalities, character traits and skills to make it truly successful. We learned communication is key and while individual triumphs are important, when you’re part of a team, it is the team that matters most in the long run. It was so much fun, I highly recommend it and I really can’t wait to go back and do it again. #TeamTower


Meet Aimee 

The millennials are now a full force at Tower with their Snapchat, snazzy clothes and wrinkle free faces. Aimee Welcome joined us last year as a market researcher but after we discovered she had a Bachelors in Graphic Design, loves singing, photography, and is just an all-round cool chick we handcuffed her to the front desk and won’t let her leave. As our Admin Marketing Assistant she’s helping with design, marketing and office support, and ensuring we never run out of afternoon snacks.

Young Grasshopper

Looking fresh and dapper our summer intern Sean Whewell is lending a hand with preparation for the CAL Youth Cup. He recently graduated from the United World College program and his interest in marketing and sports led him to our door. His passion for football, youthful energy and the fact that his dad wanted to get him out of the house, make him a perfect fit for Tower.

We're looking for some gun hires. Spread the word.

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What's trending at Tower...

Anti-Corruption Summit PR 

We’re celebrating our recent media takeover of London where client Jude Scott, Cayman Finance CEO, spoke to Sky News, BBC, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal about Cayman’s transparency and participation in the Anti-Corruption Summit. Mr Scott also met with UK Parliament MPs and other industry stakeholders.

OTEC Cayman Website Launch

We recently launched a new website for our green tech client, Cayman OTEC. As part of the larger green energy initiative for Cayman, this is an exciting, innovative project. The website explains the benefits of OTEC technology for Cayman, the science behind the technology and will provide updates on the project as it progresses.  
Check it out >

St James Point supports Cayman Invitational

St James Point was proud to support the Cayman sporting community at the highly anticipated Cayman Invitational. The event saw athletes from the Caribbean compete in various track and field events but the highlight was the attendance of the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, who won his 100m race with his signature speed and agility.

20 - 25

june 2016

Cayman Airways U14
Invitational Youth Cup

The third annual Cayman Airways Invitational Youth Cup is taking place from Monday June 20 – Saturday June 25 2016, and welcomes teams from all over the globe to take part in this 6 day football tournament.


june 2016

Cayman Islands
Stingray Tourism Awards

The 2016 awards gala will be held on 21st June at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman beginning at 6:00pm with a cocktail reception, followed by dinner and the presentations at 7:00pm. The night promises to be entertaining and exciting!

local love.
Here are some local community groups and organisations we’ve been able to lend a helping hand to – working with inspiring people like this gives us some serious warm fuzzies:

Fever Pitch

For the 3rd year we are working with Academy Sports Club to sponsor and organise the Cayman Airways U14 Invitational Youth Cup. Six international teams - including Tottenham Hotspur whose senior team participates in the English Premier League - will be flying in from the UK, USA and Jamaica to compete with local teams Academy and Sunset FC. The tournament run 20th-25th June, with a youth camp on the 26th. For more information visit 

Helping save lives

When approached by the Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry to help with a rebrand, we said yes in a nano-second. We worked quickly to provide them with a new logo and collateral for the recent Rotaract District 7020 Conference and Flowers Sea Swim and Gala.. Learn how important and easy it is to be registered at 

BLOG >  Over exposed and underwhelmed

Marketers have had to learn to bust out some quirky moves to get noticed and stand out in an increasingly busy market-place. Creativity and innovation are the life source of any brand, and with the ever-growing media platforms from social and online to TV and print, we need to keep those limbs nimble and tap shoes shiny.

In such a competitive new world, I am baffled as to why so many brands are blatantly lazy when it comes to picking their marketing images. Did all these marketing teams go through the same checklist?

• Use a person, check.
• Choose a pretty female, check.
• Ensure she’s ethnically “neutral”, check.

And they all arrive at Ariane. For those who don’t know the most utilised photo-stock image girl, let me introduce you...Ariane, a Canadian business-savvy model,has been used in so many brands across the globe that she even has her own Facebook page: “Ariane -The overexposed stock image model”.

Used over and over again in a variety of unrelated brands, Ariane has become a fitness- junkie, cookie-baking, travel-bug, job-hunting, house-cleaning, gin-drinking lawyer, nurse, girlfriend, student.

Her reach is far and wide, from Africa to Asia, US to the Ukraine, and here on our sandy shores. In Cayman, Ariane has been

seen drinking juice, kickboxing and working at the grocery store. I am tired of seeing this multi-tasking, super talented, always smiling girl wherever I go. It’s unoriginal, oversaturated and uninspiring.

Ariane is not the only stock image that makes me want to put in my Mr Potato Head angry eyes and scream, “do you take me for a fool, marketers?” I am referring to those ridiculously cheesy and unrealistic images, you know the ones, the business man running on a track with his briefcase, the manically smiling woman with a definitive ‘thumbs up’ or the high-five moment between the office team. Unless you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole into a world run on hyper-emotion, how can anyone relate to this type of image in real-life?

Marketing images should be used to inspire, stir emotion and encourage a meaningful connection. Don’t become a ‘deja vu brand’. When it comes to finding the right quality photo to connect your message to your customer, remember this:

Use large beautifully shot images that the viewer feels they could be a part of the scene.
Use people looking to camera or scenes of nature to encourage a connection.
Be artistic, original and creative in your artwork choices.
Stop using cheesy istock photos.
No more Ariane please!

Advertising, PR, branding, market research, design, events, online and strategic marketing: these are just some of the things we do, and we like to think that we’re pretty good at them too.

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