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The summer season is well under way with Brooke trekking the jungles and Elissa cutting off communications while sailing the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean the work stopped. No ma’am. We’ve been heavy at bat in the design ring – 2 custom websites, rolling out client collateral from business cards to flyers, and prepping for fall campaigns.
We’ve wrapped up our Tower Consumer Survey and are busy crunching the numbers and analysing data. Stay tuned for the finished report.

On the blog - understanding the need for a marketing strategy and the steps to get the strategy off the ground.
In case you thought social media wasn’t dominating marketers’ conversations, over 35.6 million tweets happened during the Brazil vs Germany semi-final match, with social engagement on Facebook totaling over 3 billion interactions, involving 350 million people.
We’re on the hunt for our next fitness challenge – any suggestions?
Stay hydrated friends – it’s hot out there. 

local love.
Here are some local community groups and organisations we’ve been able to lend a helping hand to – working with inspiring people like this gives us some serious warm fuzzies:

Academy U13 boys take home the trophy

It’s all about football these days. Tower has happily supported Academy Sports Club over the past few years, and we are excited to share in the celebration of the U13 team’s recent win of the Schwan Cup in Minnesota. Way to go boys!

Dressing like Mad

Bold lips and towering heels were only some of the fun at CIMPA’s Mad Men inspired social this past month. The evening was spent surrounded by good friends and fellow marketers among the distilling spirits at Cayman Spirit Company. View the highlight video here

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august 2014

ASAP Stroke & Stride

Sunset House
The Stroke and Stride is a 3-series charity fund-raiser race starting and finishing at Sunset House in South Sound. Attracting a wide range of abilities - from those that regularly compete, to those that just want to get out and have some fun and exercise.
Find out more here.

october 2014

Midnight Art for Ark

7pm - Midnight 
It’s soon time for Acts of Random Kindness’ 3rd Annual “Moving Art for Ark.” This year the event will be hosted at The National Gallery and it is set to be a night to remember. Mark your calendars and book your tickets for “ONE FANTASTICAL EVENING!"
Find out more here.



Pilates for Pink

From pink champagne & cardio-kick pilates to total body Iron Girl workout, the 7th annual Pilates for Pink has everything you need for a great Saturday morning PLUS a great opportunity to support the Cayman Islands Cancer Society in their efforts to provide financial aid for patients and their families.
> Find out more here.

in other tower news...

2014 Healthcare Conference

Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre is celebrating their 10th anniversary and Tower was tasked with freshening the existing logo. In celebration of the milestone our designer gave us her creative eye into the transformation. Previously the shape was a bit ambiguous so the shapes were shifted to more closely resemble the petals of a flower, the new colors are more saturated and lively. As for the font, which every designer is always watching closely, the Wellness Center has graduated to a more contemporary, streamlined sans-serif font.
Cayman Finance Magazine

Williams² Real Estate

Our WordPress whizzes were hard at work earlier this year developing the mobile responsive site for our friends at Williams2 Real Estate. Tower collaborated with Damon Hardie Design and the finished product is pretty sleek. Get lost exploring some beautiful properties for sale in the Cayman Islands. 

marketing strategy - what is it and why does your business need it?

Understanding the value of a marketing strategy is often the biggest challenge in a company – getting the team on board, spending the required time and strategically planning, flushing out ideas and getting that pen to paper. Many clients approach us with the “I don’t have time for a strategy, I need creative now” approach, which works for some and flops for others. Cool, creative concepts are great – but how does that translate? How does it help achieve the organisation’s goals?
The purpose of a marketing strategy seems easy enough – why do you want to market your product/services, where are you customers, and how will you make it happen. The marketing plan is the tactical details execution.
Often, many of our clients want to jump into the status-quo, without pausing and starting from conception. Creating a marketing strategy requires time, commitment and buy-in from the team. Beginning with marketing objectives, start your marketing strategy by asking what you want to accomplish with marketing? It is brand awareness or sales revenue? Altering customer perception or engaging customers? Understanding your customers or communicating X?

Next, identify the road map to achieving these objectives. Advertising? Market research? Social media? 
Be precise and narrow in your objectives and clear on how to define success/failure. Finally, prioritise the objectives based on defined criteria and business objectives.

Before you tackle a marketing strategy, have a look at our tips to undertake a strategic planning session:
  1. Identify the team and set time for brainstorm – minimum one day. Yes, one day.
  2. Take it offsite – creativity needs breathing space. Don’t sit in your usual boardroom, try somewhere new and let the creative juices flow.
  3. Be prepared – bring along documents that will help in your planning – company values, business plans, targets, etc. Don’t forget the post-its, sharpies and oversized paper.
  4. Draft agenda – what questions do you need answered to create a strategy?
  5. Assign the culmination of the strategy to a team member – and set deadlines.
There is a vast amount of freebie resources out there to help you get started, from HubSpot's marketing library, to webinars and of course, there’s always Tower. You didn’t think we wouldn’t give just a little plug ;-)

ice cream

Homemade Brand Chocolate Chip

Rolling Stones or

Rolling Stones

if you could meet
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Dash Berlin
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