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Debates on natural versus artificial light, sporting events and toasting our ADDY Award win are just a few of the things keeping us busy as we officially call the second floor of the Fidelity Centre home.

What else is going on? The new digs are all anyone can talk about. 
Our proximity to Wok ‘N Roll has Brooke programming her speed dial, Sheryl & Lori have ditched the short ‘do and Lynne is itching for city life in Panama.

Cheers to the long weekend. Namaste.


local love.
Here are some local community groups and organisations we’ve been able to lend a helping hand to – working with inspiring people like this gives us some serious warm fuzzies:

Cayman Invitational

In only its third year, Cayman Invitational has grown to one of the top sporting events in the Caribbean. The 2014 line-up featured a contingent of Olympians, including Dawn Harper, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Kim Collins. It was game time as Tower took on the marketing, PR and design for the event. 

Rotary Science Fair

Tower has been working with Rotary Central Science Fair for many years, providing website and design support for banners, flyers, ads, t-shirts and event programmes.  Now in its 8th year, the science fair is a great way for some of Cayman’s talented youth to come together to show off their projects in Life Science, Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Food & Health.

Cayman Airways Invitational Youth Cup Under 14 Football

An event that started off with Tower just designing their logo and a flyer…but that quickly turned into a developing a website for them, major social media campaigns, media and public relations and much more.  This tournament was 5 days long with 4 overseas teams from UK, Honduras, USA and Jamaica. 


may 2014

Ice on Ice

Support the Cayman Islands Cancer Society by attending the Island's coolest cocktail party at the National Gallery, tickets $39 available at CICS.


june 2014

World Blood Donor Day

Cayman Islands Hospital Blood Bank (2nd fl across from Paediatric ward). Call 244-2669 or 244-2674 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins available.


june 2014

22nd Annual Flowers One Mile Sea Swim

Last year’s race boasted over 900 registrants. All registration proceeds donated to Feed Our Future.  Register here.

in other tower news...

And the winner is...

We submitted one of our fav projects of 2013 – the Department of Tourism Travel Planner – to the Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) ADDY awards and took home SILVER in the Magazine Design category. What better excuse for champagne?! The 100-page, full-colour magazine is targeted to the US, Canadian and UK markets, and an important piece of the Cayman Islands tourism product offerings. We are stoked to have worked with the talented team at DOT share the win (and maybe some bubbly). 

Tower  conducts consumer survey this summer

Need market research but don't know where to start? The survey provides businesses with local consumer core demographic information in the Cayman Islands. Interested? Find out how you can get involved >

why sponsorship?

Last week was a particularly busy one at Tower, supporting a number of community projects through sponsorship – Cayman Airways Invitational Youth Cup, Cayman Invitational, Rotary Science Fair and Junior Achievement Banquet.
We worked our hearts out and had great fun teaming up with fabulous people and supporting causes that fell into one of two categories – sports and youth development. Now it’s no coincidence that our sponsorships fell into these categories, because although we believe in using our experience and expertise to make a positive impact on our community, we are a commercial business with finite time and resources, and therefore sometimes we unfortunately have to say ‘no’ to some sponsorship requests.
So how do we know when to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Let’s first take a step back – why do businesses undertake sponsorships? Firstly, because most businesses and people believe in giving back to the community. We do it for altruistic reasons. At Tower this is so central to our philosophy that it is one of our seven core values.  Secondly, sponsorship is used for marketing purposes. It’s about actively connecting with a target market, engendering belief and alignment that make your brand their natural choice.

At Tower we use tools to manage our sponsorships. We have a Sponsorship Strategy document that helps us decide what types of sponsorship we will consider and we have a set of Sponsorship Guidelines that set out our objectives, target markets, provide insight into our brand and clearly articulate what we are expecting from a partner. 
For example, our sponsorships must provide a natural link with our brand positioning, provide us with exclusive and/or meaningful content for our digital assets, or offer opportunity for client hospitality.
We also evaluate the feasibility of the sponsorship –the lead time and human resources to fully leverage the sponsorship, and of course, any financial commitment required.  One of the basic tenets of best practice sponsorship is that it is leverageable across some of your other marketing media and has the ability to be a catalyst for marketing activities, making existing marketing activities more effective. For example, you could ask, does this sponsorship provide opportunities for media relations, market research, social media content, networking, employee reward, product launch/testing/trial, or new customer acquisition?
As individuals we avidly pursue what makes us happy and healthy, and we believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it. This has become part of our corporate culture. So a final thought is – are we, as a company and as individuals, passionate about this sponsorship? Does it provide us with a sense of purpose and give us a sense of fulfillment? Because when we work together for a cause with energy, passion and drive, we can make a real difference in the lives of others and in our community, making a sponsorship a win-win for all.   


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