The dog days of summer have arrived and with them has come nostalgia induced by the recent launch of Pokémon Go and a hole in our hearts where the Cayman Airways Invitational Youth Cup used to be.

With the CAL Cup having wrapped up at the end of June, we have slowly been adjusting to life outside of football fever. Aside from working tirelessly on other client work, the launch of Pokémon Go has brought up some fond memories (especially for our millennials). 

Despite the craze, some of us are definitely still confused by the idea of catching a Diglett on our lunch break.

Summer days, while tailor made for lazy days at the beach, are also the days when we are busy preparing for our clients' fall events. So while we get back to work, you should take a look at what we've been up to recently. Enjoy!

What's trending at Tower...

Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference 

Tower recently launched the new branding and theme “The Chapters of a Healthy Life” for the seventh annual Ministry of Health’s Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference. We are busy behind the scenes planning and look forward to another successful event this October 20-22 at The Ritz-Carlton. 

CI Law Society website launches

We are excited to have worked with our client, the Cayman Islands Law Society, on their new website. The website features video interviews with some of Cayman’s prominent lawyers as well as information for aspiring lawyers, current professionals, and members of the community. Go see for yourself here.

Football fever draws to a close

The Cayman Airways U14 Invitational Youth Cup wrapped up recently with Jamaica’s Cavalier FC triumphing over England’s Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 to be named champion. It was a whirlwind week of football, with Tower sponsoring and organising for the third year running. Thank you to all of the event sponsors for helping to make the tournament possible. 


It's a boy!

Delano Myers has been gracing Tower with his design work and obsessive need for organization for the past 9 months. His impressive lip syncing abilities were a very close second to his design skills on the list of reasons he was perfect for our team. Although he may be slightly overpowered as the only guy in the office, Delano still manages to hold his own amidst conversations between all of us women.


july 2016

Harbour House Marina
Boat Show

A fun day out for the entire family. The 12th annual boat show will be held from 8am to 5pm at Harbour House Marina at the end of Marina Drive, Prospect.  


aug 2016

Rio 2016
Olympic Games

Tune in and cheer on our 5 Caymanian athletes: Florence Allan, Geoffrey Butler, Lara Butler, Ronald Forbes and Kemar Hyman. Good luck to all from #TeamTower!

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local love.
Here are some local community groups and organisations we’ve been able to lend a helping hand to – working with inspiring people like this gives us some serious warm fuzzies:

CBMR gains supports from Hollywood

Our client Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry recently had some high-profile support from Hollywood star Zoe Saldana. The actress teamed up with Davenport Development to spread awareness and encourage people to join the registry. Davenport stepped up and volunteered their Vela construction site to organise a donation drive, where 60 new people were added to the registry which currently, the registry stands at around 550 people.

BLOG >  “Keep Calm and Carry On”: Preparing Your Brand for a PR Crisis

In the age of digital media when news stories are broken live across the globe and around the clock on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, a crisis can hit your brand hard and fast.

We may not always be able to predict when a crisis is about to hit but we can be as prepared as possible by developing a PR crisis plan or even just a simple set of guidelines for our teams to follow to ensure a smooth and timely response.

The focus of your plan should be on how you will gain control of the situation and protect your brand’s reputation. It is important that all relevant members of your team are briefed on the plan and understand what role they will be expected to play as well as what the immediate action points will be.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you draft a PR crisis plan for your company:

  • DO: Find out the facts and focus key messaging on them.
  • DO: Tackle the issue head on with honesty and transparency.
  • DO: Maintain a consistent message across all channels of communication.
  • DON’T: Panic! Although a swift response is crucial, enough time must be taken to execute a well thought out response.
  • DON’T: Pretend it isn’t happening. Burying your head in the sand will not make the issue go away. The conversation will carry on regardless so it’s important to take control and be a part of it.
  • DON’T: Pass the buck or point the finger at others. Own your part in the situation and map out the next steps to show that you are in control.

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