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Believe it or not, we are half way through 2014, and we’re thinking ‘how is it the end of June already?!’ Six months gone, just like that. Yikes!
The mid-way point through anything is a great time to take stock of how far you’ve come, what you’ve accomplished, what has worked, and what didn’t. Did you keep your New Year resolutions?
At Tower we’ve had a great first half of the year – we have some new clients, have undertaken worthwhile pro bono work, launched new websites, logos and publications, won an award, curated successful events, and helped our clients reach their business goals through meaningful communications strategies. But sometimes as a small business it’s easy to be sidetracked by day-to-day business - 
priorities shift and plans are derailed. You move office and can’t find the whiteboard markers.
So in the coming weeks we’re setting aside time to review our 2014 business goals and objectives, re-evaluate our business to-do lists, reassess, and reorganise.  This way, we can enjoy our summer vacations and return with enthusiasm and vigour, knowing we can approach the second half of the year with a purposeful plan for our business.
We can all benefit from a mid-year assessment. Can you do the same for your business?  And of course we all know, we’ll soon be saying “how is it Christmas already?”
Enjoy your summer.

warm & fuzzies.

Tower Titans take home the WIN!

Congrats Tower Titans on taking home the WIN as league softball champions! We are pleased to have sponsored this winning team for two seasons now and congratulate them on their hard work and success.

Junior Achievement

As a continuous supporter of Junior Achievement of the Cayman Islands, Tower recently designed its 32-page Annual Awards Banquet souvenir programme, which featured all of the programmes and highlights from throughout the past year.

World Blood Donor Day

Happy to do our best work to promote World Blood Donor Day at the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority a couple of weeks ago.  But let’s not make this a one-off, annual event; please keep donating throughout the year as Brooke does.


june 2014

CIMPA Mad Men Cocktails

6pm @ Cayman Spirits Company
Join us tonight. Dress the theme for a chance to win prizes and to get your photo taken at the Photo Booth!  Welcome cocktail, passed canapés, and cash bar will be available - all for a great cause.  Proceeds to support CIMPA’s Professional Development Programme.  Check it out.

june 2014

Island Living Show

The ARC @ Camana Bay
Cayman's premiere living and lifestyle expo presented by Cayman 27. FREE admission but bring your wallet - many great 'show only' specials to be had.  Get the details here.

6, 13, 20

august 2014

ASAP Stroke & Stride

Sunset House
The Stroke and Stride is a 3-series charity fund-raiser race starting and finishing at Sunset House in South Sound. Attracting a wide range of abilities - from those that regularly compete, to those that just want to get out and have some fun and exercise.  Find out more here.

in other tower news...

2014 Healthcare Conference

2014 Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference

Tower is already hard at work planning the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference for the 5th consecutive year. At a recent press conference Minister Osbourne Bodden announced the date, November 20-22, and theme for this year. From sponsorship, speakers, media, PR and venue management…we do it all….and are also excited to be a Premium Sponsor! 
Cayman Finance Magazine

Cayman. The Future of Finance

Cayman Finance released its first publication this spring.  The 104-page publication was designed and produced by Tower on behalf of Cayman Finance and the Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce and Environment.  The Governor Helen Kilpatrick was recently presented with a copy by Cayman Finance, CEO, Gonzalo Jalles.
Click here to view a copy online >

knowledge is power!

The sales period for the Tower Consumer Survey has come to a close, and now we’re deep in planning mode - finalising questions and readying our team of field workers to make 500+ telephone calls.
Over the past few months, we’ve had really interesting discussions with Cayman businesses about the importance of market research. For some, taking part in this year’s survey is their first crack at market research; for others, it’s old hat.  But what all of our Survey clients have in common is their knowledge that market research is vital to the success of their business.  Afterall, it’s not called ‘intelligence’ for nothing. BOOM! ;-)
Market research helps take the guess work out of business decisions.  Decisions can be made with confidence, and risk can be minimised.  It opens the lines of communication with your customers – are they satisfied, and if not, why not?  It will help you identify opportunities - giving you the information you need to ensure you are adapting and evolving your business, brand, or product to meet your customers’ needs.  You can spot or anticipate market trends or changes.  And without creating a benchmark, you can’t measure your progress – market research can provide one.
So knowing ‘why’ market research is important then leads us to the next question – what is the best way to use it? There are many reasons, but here are three key ones.
Market research is a great way to define your target market and better understand them.  It can help find the best market for a new product or service or help reveal the behaviour drivers and attitudes of existing customers. 
Another great use for market research is to test product ideas, key messaging, advertising concepts, or brand positioning.  We have undertaken many focus groups for clients for this reason, and the results have always given our clients access to information to develop a clear, focused strategy followed by a successful execution.
Finally, understanding your competition is a crucial part of maintaining and holding market leadership.  As Sun Tzu wrote “If you know your enemy and yourself, you will win every battle.”  Monitoring your industry and competitors will help you identify opportunities, notice where your competitors are targeting and what gaps they may be leaving, help set your prices competitively, or assess any threats posed by new entrants.  You can use this knowledge to then create marketing strategies that take advantage of your competitors' weaknesses and improve your own business performance.   

There are many different types of market research at different budget levels.  As long as you know what you are trying to find out – and why.  Online tools such as Survey Monkey can be useful and you can participate in an omnibus study such as Tower’s Consumer Survey, focus groups, or mystery shopping.  You can even conduct market research in the day-to-day running of your business - talk to your customers, ask, "What other services could we provide to meet your needs?" or "Would longer opening hours be of interest to you?"
The case for placing market research at the top of your to-do list and finding a budget for it is clear. It’s not just something could be useful – it is essential to the long-term success of your business.

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