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In this issue:
  1. Top 5: Costumes You Can Make Yourself!
  2. Trick or Treating Safety Tips
  3. Game of the Month: Spider Tag
  4. Great Treasure Hunt! *Featured Workshop*

Top 5:
Costumes You Can Make Yourself!

With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is starting to think about who or what they will be on October 31st!  Costumes can be expensive and unoriginal!  Just use some house hold items and get crafty with your students or children.  This is a list of our favorites.
  1. Skill Crane
    Skill CraneThis arcade game is a fun costume and it’s made out of a box!  Just cut out the bottom and create windows out of 3 of the sides.  To wear the box, just attach a backpack and hide the straps!  In the front glue a small tissue box and add a joystick, buttons and a coin slot.  Create a crane hat out of a clothing hanger!  Paint the box, add some small stuffed animals and dress up as your favorite animal!  
  2. Lego Man 
    Bring everyone’s favorite building toy to life!  By using a box, plastic cups or containers and some paint you can become a walking Lego piece.  
  3. Floor of a Movie Theater 
    You can get as creative as you want with this costume.  Get an old black sweat suit.  Staple on cups, candy wrappers, popcorn or even paint the bottom of a show white and create foot prints!  
  4. Rubrik’s Cube 
    Put a square box on your head and cut holes for your head and arms.  Use paint or construction paper to make 9 squares on each side of the box.  Your cube could be scrambled or solved!
  5. Cotton Candy 
    White pants, pink tulle and a pink sweatshirt is all you need to create this tasty treat costume.  Just wrap the tulle from your waist all the way to your shoulders.  Don’t make it too tight-keep it fluffy! 
Many more great ideas available at:

"Trick or Treat" Safety Tips

Trick or Treating can be a lot of fun as along as you are safe.  Educators: remind your students how to trick or treat safely.  Parents: if you are supervising trick or treating, get into it and wear a costume too!  Here are some tips for safe Trick or Treating!!

  • Costumes should be short enough to avoid tripping
  • Use face paint rather than masks or things that will cover eyes
  • When crossing the road look both ways and only cross at intersections and crosswalks
  • Agree to set boundaries and a time to come home


Game of the Month: Spider Tag

This is a fun active game to play in a large area with a little bit of a spooky twist!

Goal:  To be the last “fly”
4 cones
1 large rope that when made into a circle, the whole group can fit into it
Create 2 safe areas on either end of the playing area with the cones.  In the center of the playing area, create a circle on the floor with the rope.  This is now the spider web.
Designate 1 “spider” who crouches in the middle of the circle and 1 “Head fly”, the rest of the group are “flies”.  All the flies start in one safe area with the head fly.  The head fly will decide how they want to cross the playing area (skipping, moon walk, crab walk…) and will start crossing the playing area with the rest of the flies.  The head fly will change the way they cross the playing area every time.  At any time the spider can leave his/her web and try to tag as many flies as possible before they reach the other safe area.  If you are tagged, you become a spider and sit in the web.  The first spider is the head spider so only they give the signal to leave the web and catch more flies.  If a fly stops doing the head fly’s action while crossing, they automatically become a spider.  The last fly wins and becomes the first spider in the next round.  

October 2010 Issue

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