Bridge Wharf and Bow Wharf

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Bridge Wharf and Bow Wharf

The 2012 application for a four-bedroomed house at Bridge Wharf was refused by the LBTH Development Committee.  The applicant appealed to the Planning Inspectorate and an Inspector visited the site in July 2013.  The Inspector has decided that the "development would fail to preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the Victoria Park Conservation Area, or the Regent's Canal Conservation Area" and has dismissed the appeal (Appeal Decision 16 September 2013).

The previous planning application for two four-bedroomed houses was refused by the LBTH Development Committee and the subsequent appeal was dismissed by a Planning Inspector (Appeal Decision 26 October 2011).

Earlier this year, the LBTH Development Committee refused the H20 Urban applications for a residential development at Bow Wharf (PA/11/03371 and 03372). H20 Urban has now appealed to the Planning Inspectorate, and third parties have until 1 November 2013 to make additional comments to the Planning Inspectorate.

In response to our last Newsletter about Bow Wharf, the Group was kindly written to by the Canal & River Trust's Head of Property Development - South (Canal & River Trust letter 1 August 2013).  Unfortunately, I did not reply or respond to their letter, but now that we know for certain that H2O Urban has appealed, I hope the Trust will still be happy to meet with us.  

Tom Ridge
30 September 2013

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