NEWSLETTER March 2016 Supplement
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SPECIAL NEWSLETTER March 2016 Second Supplement



Sent: Wednesday, 23 March 2016 08:52
Cc:, David Edgar

Thanks for your email.

There is a standard reply, which you should have received (we received many representations). Additionally:
  1. I agree it would be good to retain Cheviot House. Various conversion uses suggest themselves. The separate reply explains the local list
  2. I would like us, if we can find the resources elsewhere (for we do need to raise some serious amounts of capital) to retain the Southern Grove site for, ideally, Council housing. As a part of this the workhouse would I assume be retained and restored in a residential use, but we haven’t reached anything like a formal point on that.
John Biggs


From: John Biggs
Sent: 20 March 2016 13:57
To: Bushra Hussain; Gulam Hussain
Cc: John Biggs
Subject: FW: Local List - Tom Ridge

Did we acknowledge/ Reply?

From: EEWG
Sent: 14 March 2016 20:48
To: John Biggs; David Edgar; Dave Chesterton
Cc: Andrew Hargreaves; Vicki Lambert; Planmaking; Denise Jones; Andrew Cregan
Subject: Local List - Tom Ridge

Dear John, Dave and Dave,

Further to my unacknowledged email of 3 February 2016.  As you know, Cheviot House is not being added to the National List.  However, Historic England clearly indicates that Cheviot House is a nationally rare survival of local interest; and the Twentieth Century Society states that Cheviot House “is a highly appropriate candidate for local listing” (5 February 2016 email to

I am therefore writing again to ask that Cheviot House is added to LBTH’s Local List.  In support of my renewed request I attach my amended and extended note, which demonstrates that Cheviot House is of considerable local and regional interest.

Please also note that I am now saying that Cheviot House should be adapted for residential or other use.  And that whilst I am asking for the synagogue in Nelson Street to be included in a new conservation area, I am no longer asking for the synagogue to be added to LBTH’s Local List.

The Victorian Society has recommended that the workhouse building in Southern Grove is added to the Local List (4 February 2016 email to Mayor Biggs). Clearly, both buildings should be added to the Local List as soon as possible.  I therefore formally request that the proposed review of the Local List is carried out as soon as possible and as an essential part of the new local plan process, in line with:
  • Good Practice Guide for Local Heritage Listing (EH 2012)
  • Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning : 1 (HE 2015)
  • National Planning Policy Framework paras. 126, 156, 157, 158, 169
The residents of Tower Hamlets and others have to be involved in the forthcoming review of the Local List, which is still more or less as drawn up in 1972.

Residents and others need to know as soon as possible when the review of the Local List will take place; what the criteria are for local listing; and what mechanisms are going to be put in place for additions to the Local List between reviews.


Tom Ridge

I assume that the “standard reply” mentioned in the Mayor’s email is the 2 March letter from Ann Sutcliffe. This was included in the first Supplement.

I think the Mayor’s email reinforces the several points/pleas made in the first Supplement. 

Click image here for "standard reply" mentioned above. -->

Tom Ridge

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