March 2012

Adam and his wife hold their twin boys: At the young age of 22, Adam was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Before undergoing treatment, he decided to bank his sperm in the hope that he could someday be a dad.




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Woman holding a help sign

Help! Menopause
Just Stole My Brain!

Most menopausal women, upon
   losing their car keys - or wandering
   into a room only to stand there,
   perplexed – have felt the deficit of
   short-term memory loss associated
   with age. But why does this happen? 

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Sally the orangutan walks while holding a bottle in her mouth

Saving Sally, Denver
Zoo's Orangutan

    University of Colorado Advanced
    Reproductive Medicine’s Dr. Ruben
    Alvero was part of “Team Sally,” a
    group of doctors who worked together
    to save the orangutan by removing a
    life-threatening fibroid. 

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No smoking sign

Does Smoking Hurt Fertility?

  It’s widely recognized that smoking has many
  adverse health effects. What is not as widely
  recognized, however, is that smoking also has a
  marked adverse effect on reproduction.

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Robotic Surgery

   While robotic surgery isn’t right for
   all infertility patients, the benefits can
   be significant if the patient is an
   appropriate candidate.   
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