November 2012

A Swimmer's New Goal: When nationally-ranked swimmer Audrey Shuss was diagnosed with PCOS, the tireless efforts of the UCARM team helped her achieve a treasured goal: motherhood. Read more>>




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New parents Ashley & Andy read to their newborn quadruplets

Cancer Patient Gives Birth to Quadruplets

When Ashley and Andy learned they'd be expecting quads, they never imagined Ashley would be diagnosed with thyroid cancer in her second trimester. UC OB/GYN helped them work out a treatment plan to deliver the babies safely.

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Newborn screening for genetic disorders is important

Newborn Screening: An Important Step

Newborn screening tests help identify apparently healthy children born with rare genetic disorders. Dr. Sonya Erickson's latest blog post addresses the importance of these tests.

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Genetic testing before conception  

Genetic Screening
& Fertility

Visit our medical resource library to learn more about tests that screen embryos for genetic disorders. 

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Causes of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Dr. Tricia Huguelet discusses the many possible causes of heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding. 

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