July 2014

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Summer Eating Tips for OAB | For women suffering from overactive bladder, consuming the wrong foods can be painful, literally. Focusing on a bladder-friendly diet helps reduce urgency, frequency and discomfort. Read more>>

To Freeze or Not to Freeze, That is the Question

To Freeze or Not

Dr. Dovey explains that with new advances in technology, a woman's choice to freeze her eggs as a fertility insurance for getting pregnant later in life also brings up complex questions.


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Individualized Urogynecology Care

Individualized Care

With one in three women diagnosed with a pelvic floor disorder in their lifetime, Urogynecology specialists provide individualized care for incontinence, overactive bladder and prolapse.


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You and Your Baby  

You & Your Baby

Prenatal care – provided before and during pregnancy – is important for both the mother and baby. What can you expect during the first, second and third trimester appointments, ensuring your baby is a healthy baby? 

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Fertility Insurance

Although infertility is a medical condition, most couples do not have insurance coverage for costly fertility treatments. Advanced Reproductive Medicine strives to make our treatments as affordable as possible.  

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