February 2014

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Exercising for Two | Deanna Lindsay kept exercising all the way up to delivery, with encouragement from her physician Dr. Jaime Arruda. Read more>>

One couple uses a surrogate and help from their family to achieve their dream of having a baby.

A Star is Born

After being turned away by one clinic in their efforts to have a family, these two dads, one sister and two surrogates had a village of support to achieve their dream of having a beautiful baby.

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A new over-the-counter tool for overactive bladder.

The Wait is Over

For many women, overactive bladder (OAB) is accepted as part of "getting old." But it shouldn't be that way. Dr. Tyler Muffly discusses a new over-the-counter tool for treating OAB, a chronic condition affecting 20 million American women.  


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Evaluate the use of dietary supplements and menopause treatments.  


Are you taking something 'natural' as an alternative to mainstream medicine, but suffering as a result? Dr. Nanette Santoro discusses taking stock of exactly what you're putting into your body and why.

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Extreme Flu Danger

This flu season in Colorado is hospitalizing a high number of pregnant women. Are those avoiding the flu vaccine harming both themselves and their baby? 

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