May 2014:

IUD Comeback, plus PCOS revisited, C-Section or Natural Delivery? + more

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Contraception Comeback: After fading popularity, one of the most effective forms of birth control is again gaining popularity among a younger generation, offering both hormone & hormone-free options

Back on the Road

Back on the Road

Dedicated to not missing her yearly cross-country excursions with local teens, Barbara sought the help of Dr. Muffly to overcome urinary incontinence, allowing her to stay active in serving her community. 


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PCOS Protocol

PCOS, Revisited

A new study by Dr. Polotsky shows that women with polycystic ovary syndrome may be receiving excessive surveillance and testing for heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. 


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C-Section or Vaginal Delivery?  

C-Section or Natural Delivery? 

If one or more of your prior pregnancies culminated in a cesarean delivery, you may still have a chance of having a vaginal (natural) delivery of your next baby. 

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New OAB Treatment

Botox injections have proven to significantly reduce urinary incontinence and overactive bladder symptoms and this non-invasive procedure is now approved by the FDA. 

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