January 2016
Overpriced conception kits, don't fall for it just yet

Overpriced Conception Kits 

Don't fall for it just yet

If you’re considering the PregPrep conception kit, listen to Dr. Santoro’s advice before wasting your time and money.

Don’t be fooled

High BMI, High Risk for POP

A recent joint study with Dr. Connell and the Yale School of Medicine found that a high post-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) raises risk of pelvic organ prolapse. 
Read the full findings
OB/GYN & Family Planning

Middle Aged Women’s Health 101

Dr. Nanette Santoro recently answered questions posted by listeners of NPR radio’s Morning Edition about a range of health topics for middle age women. 
What you need to know
Advanced Reproductive Medicine
Should the child know everything?

Should the Child Know Everything?

Opinions vary on whether a child born through donated sperm or eggs should be told about it later on in life, involving several factors that the donor and parent need to understand. 
How to make the decision
Gynecologic Oncolgy 

Can a Zip Code Affect Cancer Survival Chances?

About nine percent of the female population may face barriers when accessing adequate gynecological cancer care – and this may be affecting survival outcomes. 
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