May 2015

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Squeeze in Time for Kegels | Pelvic floor health begins and ends with the Kegel.

Manage Your Menopause

Manage Your Menopause

Unpleasant changes in a woman’s urinary function often accompany menopause. To reduce the inherent stresses of menopause, take action.

Here's what you can do>>



Will Smoking Pot Harm My Unborn Child?

Will Smoking Pot Harm My Unborn Child?

Pregnant women ask us this almost daily, but we don't have any scientific-based answers—no one does. So, we're starting our own research. 


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The World Comes to Us for Fertility  

The World Comes to Colorado and Us for Fertility

Is it surprising that international patients come to us for fertility treatment? Not really. They love our nurturing, and sensitive environment—and taking home a baby is the ultimate souvenir.

Take the trip with Dr. Polotsky>>


Angelina's Choice: No Ovaries, No Cancer

The BRCA gene forced Angelina Jolie to make a tough decision. But before she did anything, she talked to her doctor and got all the facts. 

And so should you, see why>>


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