December 2015

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Natural childbirth might be the hardest, and most rewarding, thing you ever do. Dr. Holmes discusses considerations for any woman pondering giving birth without using pain medication.

Keeping Up on Prolapse

Keeping Up on Prolapse

Interested in keeping your pelvic organs in place? Dr. Tyler Muffly sure hopes so, and discusses what you can do to prevent pelvic organ prolapse. 

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Low Odds but High Hopes

Low Odds but High Hopes

Despite Erin’s lab results showing a low chance of success with IVF, she and her husband embraced it as their best option as they pursued treatment at Advanced Reproductive Medicine. 

They were rewarded>>

Needle In, Baby Out?  

Needle In, Baby Out?

Acupuncturist Geina Horton works with UCARM patients before, during and after IVF and other procedures. In her video blog, she explains how the traditional Chinese medicine relieves stress and creates a sense of calm for mothers-to-be.

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Best Shot for Cancer Prevention

CU Gynecologic Oncology’s Dr. Saketh Guntupalli and former U.S. Senator Dr. Bill Frist recently coauthored an article that argues for cervical cancer vaccine reform in the U.S.

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