March 2015

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Stop the Leaks of Urinary Incontinence

Stop the Leaks of Urinary Incontinence 

The six types of urinary incontinence affect more than 25 million adults in America. Bladder training, Kegel exercises and dietary changes help solve the problem. 

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How to Bank Your Fertility

How to Bank Your Fertility

Want to save your reproductive opportunities for further along in life? Fertility preservation now can make you a parent later, while giving a sense of empowerment. 

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Is Your Surgeon Good For You?  

You're Going Under the Knife, Do You Trust Who's Holding It?

Most patients heavily research their operation, but what about the doctor performing it? Find out if your surgeon is good enough for you. 

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Dodge Toxins for Fertility's Sake

Environmental toxins have several negative effects on fertility. Even though we are constantly subjected to
toxins, we can minimize our exposure to prevent further damage. 

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