April 2015

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Ovarian Reserve: A Clue, Not an Answer

Ovarian Reserve: A Clue, Not an Answer

As a woman ages her fertility decreases, as well as her ovarian reserve of eggs. Ovarian reserve testing gives a better idea of a woman’s chance of successful pregnancy, not a definite answer. 


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It's Electric: Pulses Control the Urge

It’s Electric: Pulses Control the Urge

InterStim therapy sends mild electrical pulses to the sacral nerves and regulates symptoms such as leaks, the sudden urge to go and an overactive bladder. The implanted device even has a remote control.

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Body Image After Pregnancy  

Body Image After

The battle between appropriate pregnancy weight gain and appropriate weight loss postpartum is being fought on Facebook. Reaching your pre-pregnancy weight should not be a competition.  

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The Male Piece of the Infertility Puzzle

Infertility is not just about women. One-third of infertility cases are due solely to the male, who may well be shooting blanks.

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