June 2014

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Legacies of Love: Experiencing simultaneous pregnancies – each with a different complication – and sharing the same Ob/Gyn and hospital brought two competitive sisters closer together.

How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby?

How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby?

University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine's Dr. Serena Dovey discusses the pressure of trying to get pregnant before you're ready and the notion that there is no need to worry as long as you have children before 40 years of age. 

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Best and worst bike seats for cyclists from UC Urogynecology

InterStim Therapy

The number of women who develop fecal incontinence increases with age, but it can be effectively treated with diet, medication and surgery. And now there's another option: the breakthrough treatment InterStim Therapy. This FDA approved neurostimulation therapy provides new hope for many women. 

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Balancing Hormones and Health  

Balancing Hormones and Health

Cholesterol is often negatively associated with heart attack, stroke, hormone imbalances and decreased sex drive. But, as Dr. Lauren Roth explains, when it comes to getting pregnant, cholesterol can positively aid the production of hormones important for both men and women.

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Planning a Family? 

More than ever, women today are interested in the health of their future pregnancy. If you're thinking about your fertility health, there are some behavioral and diet modifications you should start today. 

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