September 2013

Colorado Women's Health
Commitment to Fertility: Doctors Serena Dovey and Lauren Roth


Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Dr. Stephanie Teal of University of Colorado Family Planning discusses the positive impact of birth control in lowering teen pregnancy rates and preventing unwanted teen pregnancies. 

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Is Menopause Stealing Your Brain?

Dr. Nanette Santoro shares what happens when women make the transition through menopause and the effects it may have on your memory. 


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Fertility Hope Through Weight Loss

Wanting to reduce the effects of PCOS, Kristina followed the advice of WIFI (Wellness Interdisciplinary Fertility Initiative) physicians at University of Colorado with great success.

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Deals for Travelers

Patients traveling to Denver for treatment at University of Colorado Urogynecology may receive special amenities, lodging prices and transportation.

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