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Tips for young active women to maintain good urogynecological health this summer

Staying Healthy Through Summer Fun

Dr. Tyler Muffly explains why young Colorado women should also pay attention to urogynecologic issues during summer activities, just like older active women.

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Learn about apps for smart phones that help with remembering contraception.

Contraception: There's An App For That

New smartphone apps offer birth control information and automated reminders that help women keep on schedule with contraception methods.


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Clinical trials with antibodies for pregnant women.  

Clinical Trials Give Hope on Virus-Born Birth Defects

OB/GYN's Dr. Ronald Gibbs' study administers antibodies to pregnant women infected with a congenital virus to prevent their children from developing the disease.

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Does Male Fertility Decline With Age?

Dr. Shona Murray reveals that men may experience a decline in fertility as they get older, contrary to popular belief.

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