October 2017

Rocky Mountain OB-GYN

Double Daunting Complications 

This proud mother of two will tell you that her path to motherhood was anything but easy. She reflects on the experience of going through two high-risk pregnancies. 

Finding a true friend in her OB-GYN


Ending the Stigma

A study led by Drs. Guess and Connell proves the use of a genital stimulator alleviates sexual arousal and sensation dysfunction suffered by 50 percent of women.
Can you benefit?

OB/GYN & Family Planning

Modern, Minimal Hysterectomy

Large, open incisions used to be standard. Now, hospitals like CU are leading the way using minimally invasive techniques whenever possible.
Pushing for a new normal

Gynecologic Oncology

10-Hour Nonstop Surgery

Dr. Guntupalli led the special UCHealth team that performed a life-saving surgery on a mother of three with placenta percreta.
Watch her emotional journey

Advanced Reproductive Medicine

Is Sex Selection Misguided?

Genetic testing gives some IVF patients the ability to select the sex of their child. For some, this raises ethical red flags. 
Our take on your option
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