September 2012

After a previous C-section, Emily wanted a vaginal birth, so the UC/OBGYN team worked together to give her a hoped-for experience




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Can a woman's fertility be maintained until any age?

Fertility Forever or False Hopes?

Dr. Shona Murray discusses advances in ovarian tissue and egg freezing in recent years. Can a woman's fertility be preserved to any age?

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There are risks and benefits involved in epidurals for childbirth.

The Truth About Epidurals

Epidurals are often hailed as the golden standard of childbirth pain relief, but there are real risks involved.

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Top Doctor Ruben Alvero

5280 Names Dr. Ruben Alvero "Top Doctor" 

In its 19th annual "Top Doctors" report, 5280 magazine recognized Dr. Alvero as one of the top five reproductive endocrinologists in the region for 2012.

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Antibiotic-Resistant Strains of Gonorrhea

The Centers for Disease Control have issued a new set of guidelines warning that certain strands of gonorrhea (an STD) are resisting antibiotics once relied on for treatment.
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