August 2016

Singing to Embryos?  

Advanced Reproductive Medicine patients Cheryl and husband Corky stopped stressing about infertility and started singing. To their embryos. And it worked. 

Implanting humor into IVF

Shucking Pee Pads

After nearly 20 years of incontinence, Helen is on a mission to talk about how we helped her reclaim her life.
Helen stops the leaking
OB/GYN & Family Planning

Nursing With Heart

Our nurse practitioner team has grown, and we can’t thank them enough for their compassionate care.
Nursing & midwifery specialists
Advanced Reproductive Medicine

Ovulation App, Potential Trap

Dr. Santoro discusses home ovulation kits and technology apps.
Get the facts
Gynecologic Oncology 

Surviving Gynecologic Cancer

Studies show improved survival rates under the care of a gynecologic oncologist.
Understand the risks
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