February 2013

Life with Pelvic Organ Prolapse | About 40% of women will develop this treatable condition in which the organs of the pelvis move out of place, causing a range of problems. Learn what to look for>>




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Breastfeeding has many long-term benefits for both babies and mothers.

Long-Term Benefits
of Breastfeeding

Lots of women start breastfeeding, but then give up too soon. Dr. Jaime Arruda explains how to clear the hurdles breastfeeding women come up against.

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Half of all teen moms get pregnant again within a year.

Heading Off Two-Time Teen Pregnancies

Half of all teen moms get pregnant again within a year. Implanting contraception before they leave the hospital with their first child may help.

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Sperm freezing is an established method of fertility preservation that may be beneficial for many men.  

When To Bank Frozen Sperm For Another Day

Freezing sperm is an established option for fertility planning that many men should consider. Dr. Shunping Wang explains who might be a good candidate and how it works.

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UC Urogynecology Now in Lone Tree

The new Lone Tree Health Center offers same-day appointments in a state-of-the-art facility. “We want patients to get the care they need, right away,” said Tyler Muffly, MD.
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