February 2015

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Are You Ready For Your Vagina to Talk to Your Smartphone? | New products are coming out that add a high-tech element to the old-fashioned Kegel exercise. One device inserted in the vagina sends feedback to a smart phone app, so women can track the effectiveness of their kegels. Read more>>

Pregnant? Get Your Flu Shot

Pregnant? Get Your Flu Shot

There are still a couple months left in this flu season, so don't think the danger has passed. If you're pregnant, you're vulnerable to catching the flu. Your struggle with the flu can even lead to brain damage for your child. 

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Are You Embarrassed to Have the Sex Talk?

Embarrassed to Talk to Your Teen About Sex?

Learning about sexual health won't make your teenager sexually active, but it will clarify questions and "urban legends." We offer resources to help you get the conversation started and on track with facts that address your concerns.  

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Real Factors of Success Rates  

Real Factors of Success Rates

Dr. Alvero explains how fertility clinics can manipulate their success rates based on what they use as the starting point and the outcome. Beginning with the most aggressive and expensive treatments may not be the answer. 

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Annual Exams: Why It's Done

An annual gynecologic exam builds the foundation of health and wellness for women of all ages. Detect health problems before the occur and schedule your exam today. 



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