October 2016

Be Aware of Ovarian Cancer, Too

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Dr. Corr explains why women with a heightened risk for breast cancer should get checked for ovarian cancer, too.  

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First, Do No Harm

At the University of Colorado Hospital, quality assurance, communication and patient safety are not merely talking points – they are our commitment.
Checklist for wellbeing
OB/GYN & Family Planning

The Pill in a Fox Hole?

Dr. Jennifer Pitotti discusses birth control and period management for female soldiers facing unusual situations in military deployment. 
Real, effective options
Advanced Reproductive Medicine

A Day in the IVF Lab

Ever wonder what an average day looks like inside of an IVF lab? The Advanced Reproductive Medicine team certainly stays busy. 
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Gynecologic Oncology 

Best Docs for a Bad Cancer

Up to two-thirds of women with ovarian cancer will receive inadequate treatment that may shorten their lives.
Why experience counts
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