August 2015

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Less Paps Mean Less Cancer | How we're working smarter, not harder

Lesbian Family Building

Family Building For Lesbian Couples

Female couples have numerous options to conceive and build a family. Any woman who would like to become pregnant should assess her overall health, first.


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Not Your Average Bleeding

Not Your Average Bleeding 

Alice thought her unusually heavy vaginal bleeding might finally signal her last period. Turns out her biopsy revealed something much more serious than she expected. 

Her success story>>

Does cranberry juice really help prevent UTIs?  

Does Cranberry Juice Really Help Prevent UTIs? 

Complementary treatments such as cranberry juice or probiotics are often suggested in addition to conventional therapies for urinary tract infections. Do they really help? 

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Gynecology: For the Teen in Your Life

A young woman's body goes through many changes as she develops during her teenage years. Our sensitive
approach helps teens cope. 

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