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Inaugural Newsletter from TopGun Consulting

 December 2011   Vol. 1 - Issue 1    

     Welcome to the inaugural edition of TopGun Consulting’s newsletter. First, check out the 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS over in the right column. I've had it for a number of years and I'm using it as a metaphor for how companies such as yours can “rev up’ their business and generate more profits.  Go ahead and click on the link for a closer look at the car.  Like a classic car, manufacturing and the gear companies are in a 'classic' industry.  Lots of legacy systems, older but reliable equipment and new technology that allows for improvement. In future editions, I'll be discussing issues that affect many manufacturing companies such as costing, hiring and training, machine purchase decision making, quality assurance and a plethora of others.   I'm not a corporate consultant who represents a 'fad' management strategy.  I'm a veteran of the industry, just like you, who loves to see an operation 'running on all cylinders' and getting to the destination efficiently with gas to spare!  
     My approach is simple...I focus on working with manufacturing companies to do an honest evaluation of their current practices and to recommend improvements that will increase the bottom line.  I use my 20+ years in the industry, numerous technical certifications, common sense and gut instinct.  I offer complimentary assessments of your company, on-site visits along with frank discussions and my proprietary 'Senkfor System'. These often yield hidden opportunities that can easily and cost-effectively be translated into action items that will 'get your motor runnin' and streamline your shop for faster operation and lower cost to you!
     Please feel free to explore my website at and see how we can help you improve your efficiency and get you on the road to higher profits and greater success!

     I look forward to talking with you soon or email me at  
David Senkfor
"Your Profit Driver"
1967 Chevelle "SS" Coupe
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