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December 2013  Volume 2-Issue 12
Manufacturing Will Continue To Lead the Economic Recovery in 2014!
2013 has been quite a year. Several threatened and one actual federal government shutdown. Another major U.S. city went bankrupt. What appears to be a never-ending stream of sports or governmental scandals have been exposed.
Rather than focus on the negative, I’d like to instead to point out that the manufacturing segment of our economy is recovering. Yes, it really is. Is it a robust recovery? - No. But it is recovering nonetheless. What’s holding it back, you ask?
The factors are many but they boil down to just a few.
First, we are more productive than we were before the recent slowdown that started in mid 2007. The types of equipment that are now the mainstay of our manufacturing companies, are simply more productive, hence we need fewer employees.

Second, since fewer employees are needed, less money is spent in the general economy and you get weak demand for products throughout the economy.
Third, the financial train wreck of 2008-2009 hurt the middle class more than might be acknowledged. Many people are still underwater with their mortgages. Some filed personal bankruptcy. Others are just still pessimistic about the future.
Without delving into the governmental mess we have, I will say that there is still hope for our economy and that hope is centered on the manufacturing world. Manufacturing creates wealth for everyone, from the shop floor worker to the executive suite. Period. Same thing for mining, farming and construction. Everybody else just moves the money around.
I’m excited about the manufacturing sector and its future. It is also apparent that many local and state governmental and educational bodies have figured that they need their manufacturing tax bases to fund their budgets. This push towards manufacturing must continue and accelerate if we are to maintain our industries and employment opportunities.
We must also improve the image of manufacturing as great places to work with a secure future. We cannot continue to graduate too many people from college with high student debt and no jobs for them to do. We already have enough Starbucks and McDonald’s, which will never match the wages of a manufacturing facility regardless of how high the minimum wage is raised.

So get involved.  Contribute to the recovery in 2014.  Contact your local technical college and/or high school and arrange a student tour of your facility.  Or volunteer to be a speaker at their Career Day activities.  And call me for more ideas about how you can help ensure that manufacturing stays at the forefront of the American economy and has a bright and secure future.
Well, that’s my final rant of the year. If you have any requests or topics you’d like me to talk about in my 2014 Newsletters, send me your ideas using the email link below. If I use them, I’ll send you a Starbucks gift card (I happen to like Starbucks. I just don’t think they can support our economy!).
Thank you for your support of TopGun Consulting during 2013 and I wish you all a very Happy Holidays and a great New Year.

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David Senkfor
Your Profit Driver

"It’s a Great Time to be in Manufacturing!"

Tip of the Month:

Sit down today and make a list of 3 things that you want to change in 2014. For each one, try to think of one way to implement that item.

Commit to working on the list every week until all items are completed and then make a new list.

    David Senkfor
"Your Profit Driver"
Exhaust Notes
1967 Chevelle "SS" Coupe
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