Vol. 4, Issue 6 - Water Matters quarterly newsletter - IJC - November 2016
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International Cooperation a Boon to Sockeye Salmon in Okanagan River

sockeye salmon
Sockeye salmon. Credit: NOAA

By Kevin Bunch, IJC

The sockeye salmon has rebounded in the Okanagan River system since a low point in the 1990s. The system includes the internationally-located Osoyoos Lake and is part of the broader Columbia River basin. The rebound is thanks largely to local efforts to improve fish passage, water management and hatchery practices. Read More

A Look at the Experimental Lakes Area in Western Ontario

fish samples
Commissioner Pollack and IJC scientist Mark Gabriel close the seine net used to catch fish samples.
By Michael Toope, IJC
The Experimental Lakes Area is a freshwater research facility comprised of 58 small lakes and their watersheds.

The area is set aside for scientific study of the impacts of climate change, agricultural runoff, water management, contaminants such as mercury and organic pollutants, and a growing list of new chemical substances. 

Read More


Harmonized Data Can Improve Management of Rainy-Namakan Water Levels

By Kevin Bunch, IJC

The Rainy-Namakan Lakes water system has seen its water levels controlled by dams since the early 20th century, and measuring water elevation has been tricky. But a recent study harmonizing all data points has come up with a benchmark for all gauges.
The project – a joint effort of the IJC, US Geological Survey, Environment and Climate Change Canada, US National Park Service, and Natural Resources Canada – measured water elevations of 16 gauges against specific reference points of known elevation. Read More
Natural Resources Canada Geodetic Engineer Jason Silliker. Credit: U.S. Geological Survey

IJC Commissioners Visit Lake Champlain to Learn About Challenges and Adaptation Following 2011 Floods


By Kevin Bunch, IJC
Residents of the Richelieu River and Lake Champlain area have worked hard to rebuild and prepare following a devastating and lengthy flood in 2011.

Following a visit to the watershed by IJC commissioners in July, the IJC has been given the go-ahead by governments to launch new studies of flooding in the basin. Read More

gordon walker
IJC commissioners meet with representatives of The Nature Conservancy, industrial supply company Ors Nasco and other local stakeholders on July 20. Credit: Dereth Glance


Coast to Coast: Boards Relay Progress at 2016 Fall Semi-Annual

By IJC staff

The IJC calls together its international boards twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, to check on progress in areas from coast to coast along the Canada-US border. Read More

The World Needs More IJC

By IJC staff

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Stéphane Dion and US Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman spoke at the IJC’s recent Fall Semi-Annual Meeting in Ottawa.

Here are excerpts from their talk. We appreciate their presence at our gathering and their kind words. Read More

canadian flags
Canadian flags outside the building that houses the IJC’s Canadian Section Office in Ottawa, Ontario.
heyman dion
Heyman, at podium, speaks during IJC reception while Dion, at left, looks on. Credit: IJC files


International Watersheds Initiative Projects Target Water Resources and Environment

red river
The Red River watershed. Credit: IJC files

By IJC staff

The International Watersheds Initiative (IWI) is an approach to resolving transboundary water issues grounded on the belief that local communities, given appropriate assistance, are best placed to achieve solutions. This approach recognizes that ecosystems function as whole entities and should be managed as such, rather than being bound by traditional political boundaries.
The underlying premise is that local people and institutions are often the best placed to anticipate, prevent or resolve problems related to water resources and the environment. Those include quantity issues like droughts, floods and flows, and quality issues like nutrient loading, chemical pollution and invasive species. Read More 
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