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Heart of Mantra – Mantra and Meditation Day
Sunday 1st February
Led by Dayabhadra
Mantras are sound symbols and they can point towards the mystery and beauty of Enlightenment. The day will be an exploration of this mystery through mantra and will include chanting, discussion and meditation. Suitable for those who know both meditations.
10am-5pm. Bring vegetarian/vegan lunch to share. Free. Suggested donation £25. No need to book.

Introductory Day
Sunday 8th February
Led by Abhayanandi and Mahamani
One Sunday a month. Learn how to keep both your mind and heart in steady focus, with meditation practices that help cultivate openness, clarity and courage.
10am-5pm. Lunch provided. £45/£35. Booking essential, book here

Yoga Sunday
Sunday 22nd February
Led by Sraddhagita and Holly
A day of yoga and meditation, exploring metta (friendliness or loving kindness) in the body and mind. The day will encourage flexibility, strength and a kindly awareness of bodily sensations, to improve our ability to sit in meditation and to encourage concentration. Suitable for beginners in either or both yoga and meditation. 
10am-5pm. £40/£30. Booking essential, book here
Meditation Day for Regulars
Sunday 22nd February
Led by Nandaraja
It is easy to fall into a 'maintenance' meditation practice, and to stop deepening your connection. Why not come and renew your inspiration? For meditators who know both the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana.
10am-5pm. Bring vegetarian/vegan lunch to share. Free. Suggested donation £25. No need to book.


Parinirvana Day Festival
Sunday 15th February
Led by Ambaranta, Kalyanavaca and Vishvantara
When we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings about death it is possible to find and appreciate what is most important to us in life. By exploring experience we begin to see that impermanence makes life possible, without it we cannot breathe. On this Festival Day to mark the death of the Buddha there will be talks, meditation, and reflection on the qualities of the Buddha. Our intention for the day - to take a calm, steady and joyful look at our experience, the relationship between life, death and the impermanent nature of life.
10am-10pm. Bring vegetarian/vegan lunch to share. Check the programme for the day nearer the time. No need to book. With mitra ceremonies.


Meditation Toolkit: Going Deeper in Life
Monday 9th - Saturday 14th February
Led by Maitreyabandhu
Six teachings on consecutive lunchtimes about working with your mind in meditation.
As part of the lunchtime drop-in meditation class. Donation/dana.

Images of Enlightenment
Starts Tuesday 17th February
Led by Maitripushpa
What does enlightenment look like? How do images of enlightened beings help us in our practice and our lives? Through meditation, discussion and using the Buddhist images in the downstairs shrine room, we will explore what these beautiful figures can teach us about different qualities of Enlightenment - and ourselves. Come and dive into these magical and inspirational worlds.
6 weeks until 24 Mar, 7.15-9.45pm. £90/£70. Booking essential: book here

Introduction to Buddhism & Meditation
Starts Monday 23rd February
An essential overview of Buddhist principles, introducing two meditation practices which offer a means to self-awareness, change and spiritual insight. These courses are a step-by-step guide to Buddhism that can transform your perspective on the world and provide you with tools you can use for a lifetime.
6 weeks from Mon 12 Jan, 7.15-9.45pm. £90/£70. Booking essential: book here
Who Hates the Metta Bhavana?
Starts 25th February
Led by Maitreyabandhu and Subhadramati
In this drop-in course we explore how to creatively and effectively transform hatred into love.
Six weeks until 25 Mar. Drop-in Course as part of the Wednesday Class. 7.15-9.45pm. Free. Suggested donation £10/5. No need to book.

And finally...

Introductory Retreat
20th-22nd February
Led by Sanghasiha and Maitripushpa
A weekend of meditation. Learn two fundamental, far-reaching meditation practices, while living communally with diverse but like-minded people. Explore the Buddhist vision of reality.
At Kench Hill. £160/£120. Booking essential: book here
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