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Hi Friend.

When I launched my freelance writing career eleven-plus years ago, I believed I'd found a way to make my true passion my livelihood. And to be honest, for a few years I was a little smug about it. I argued passionately that the "starving artist" stereotype was a myth, and that with planning and hard work, anyone could turn their dream into their day job.

After riding out a recession, watching the publishing industry go through huge changes in a relatively short period of time, and re-inventing my career several times in order to keep up with the evolution of media, I've come to see things a bit differently.

Don't get me wrong: I still believe that we can all find ways to, in some way, incorporate our most beloved activities into our careers. But I now realize that we also need to look with clear eyes at our passions to determine whether we're willing to accept the tradeoffs that naturally come with taking money for doing what we love - and if so, which parts of those passions make the most sense as a career. 

After all, It's not always as simple as "I'm passionate about oil painting, therefore, I will make it my job." Not every creative act has the same immediate earning potential, and you may not be willing (or able!) to take the financial hit required to invest time into your art full-time...even if there is hope for a monetary payoff later. And the truth is, there may be a much better way to incorporate what you love into a job without burning yourself out or going broke. (I believe there is always an "option C.") 

Here's the stumbling block I think many of us come across: we confuse what we do with who we arePart of figuring out how to turn our passions into our careers, I believe, requires digging deep to differentiate between hobbies - those specific activities we enjoy - and the basic, deep-down tendencies and strengths that make us uniquely ourselves. 

So instead of looking at myself as a writer, or speaker, or coach, I see myself as a communicator and helper who uses different mediums to connect with others. And communicating and helping are threads that weave across both my work life and personal life, because it's one of my true passions and deepest tendencies. Some of it earns me money; some of it doesn't. But the common thread tying everything together? I'm always me. 

If you're struggling with figuring out the line between passionate hobby and career - or wondering if you can really make a living doing what you love - try digging deep. Go beyond the "what" you like to do, and figure out why you love it and how that relates to your essential self. 

Taking compelling photos, baking incredibly fluffy cakes, writing essays full of heart...those are all things you can do.

Ah, but why do you love to do them?

If you're a baker, do you bake because you love the science behind the craft....the timing, the temperature, getting all those ingredients just right?

Or do you bake because you love to nurture people with sweet treats?

Or do you bake because of the sensory indulgence: the scents, the feeling of stirring the batter, the textures and tastes?

Or is there some other reason I'm not even thinking of?

What does your answer say about who you are? What other deep-seated tendencies, strengths, preferences, and qualities could you draw on to turn your love of baking (or photography, or budgeting, or writing, or deep-sea diving) into a career?

I'd love to hear what you came up with. Just hit "reply" to this email and let me know!

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Either way, I'd love to hear from you!

Talk soon,

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