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The Beautiful Life

Still regretting not taking an Italian summer vacation? Fear not, the Italian Fall is as amazing as pretty much everything that belongs to the Belpaese. Not only the colors, but the smells - and the tastes, of course - make the Italian Autumn an unforgettable experience. 
Below, a to-do list with ten tips from all over the country. North to South, here's what you can do in the next few weeks until Holiday Season. More ideas on

Seize the moment, and enjoy the beauty of the Italian Fall! 

Pomaria On the Road
Apples are the season stars, and not just here in the US. Italy too has a lot to say on the subject, and in particular the Val di Non in Trentino Alto Adige. Here, the towns of Pomaria and Casez host Pomaria On the Road, aka the traditional apple fair which showcases local produce: apples of course, but also pears, cheese, and honey. The fair runs October 1-16, and its climax is on 15-16. Details at

White Truffles from Alba
Never heard about Tuber Magnatum Pico? Of course you have: any time the pungent, delicious scent of a white truffle has hit your nostrils. To celebrate the famed white truffle, each year the International White Truffle Fair takes place in Alba, Piedmont. This 92nd edition, starting October 8 to December 4, is particularly focused on sustainability and climate change. But the calendar is full of different kinds of events: from cooking shows to "unconventional dinners", from cooking classes to folklore events. The complete list is on  
A Taste of Valtellina
Laying in between the Lombardy section of the Alps, Valtellina has a lot to offer in terms of food. And this season is one of the best to discover plenty of delicatessen, the stars of which are Pizzoccheri: a traditional dish combining buckwheat handmade pasta with potatoes and cabbage, seasonally replaced by swiss chard or green beans. Teglio is the capital of Pizzoccheri, and during all the October weekends the town hosts La Sagra del Pizzocchero d'Oro, aka the Golden Pizzocchero. However, there's much more to find out - and to taste: go to to schedule your tour.
Go Try the "Olio Nuovo"
Among the gifts coming with the Fall season for sure there's the Olio Nuovo, aka the just brewed olive oil: a golden liquid, tasty and scented. One of the places in Italy where the  "olio nuovo" is the king of the hill is Imperia, on the west coast of Liguria. Here, on November 4-6, there's Olioliva: a showcase of one of the best Mediterranean extra virgin olive oils. A weekend to enjoy tastings, visits to the farms and to The Museum of the Olive Oil. More about Imperia and surroundings on  

Fossa Cheese Is Here!
There's a hamlet on the hills of Emilia Romagna where a special cheese is made, and laid to rest in pits so it can develop its unique taste. The place is Talamello, and the cheese is the Formaggio di Fossa (Pit's Cheese) called Amber after the golden nuance. On Sunday, November 13 and 20 Talamello will host the Fossa Cheese Fair, a celebration of the Amber, along with other local products. More at

His Highness the Boar
On the hills surrounding Pisa there's Chianni, and its famed wild boar in whatever way you want to taste it. On November 11-14 and 18 -21, Chianni hosts the 45th Wild Boar Fair: A way to enjoy delicious food and a beautiful medieval little town. 
Sweet Sweet "Torrone"
The Torrone, or Nougat, is one of those treats that bring us directly into the Holidays Season atmosphere. So, what's better than tasting it directly where it was born? Cremona, Lombardy is the hometown of Torrone and violins: on November 12 -20 the whole town will talk Nougat thanks to the Festa del Torrone. Find out what to do on 
Porcini & Steak, What a Combo!
Let's go back to Tuscany, again in the province of Pisa, to taste another authentic tradition: the combination of Porcini mushrooms and Chianina Beef. If you are somewhere around Castelfranco di Sotto, you can't miss the Chianina Beef and Porcini Mushroom Festival. Starting October 8, and through 30th, feed your taste buds with tagliatelle, tortelli, Porcini, and steaks. Get more information at
Bagna Cauda Days 
Garlic and anchovies, slowly simmered in olive oil for hours. Bagna Cauda, or "hot sauce", is a typical Autumn recipe from Piedmont, to be served with vegetables and bread ready to dip in. Asti, at the heart of that part of Piedmont where Bagna Cauda comes from, will be not only the national but also the international capital of this culinary tradition. Bagna Cauda Days, on November 25 - 27 and December 2 -4, is a global event: people from all over the world will have lunch and dinner together, in a collective ceremony that involves Italy and other countries all over the world. More details at
A Dessert for a King
It may look like nougat, but make no mistake: Mandorlato is a delicacy of its own. Created in 1840 by a cook who had a genius inspiration to mix honey, sugar, egg white and peeled almonds, Mandorlato is soft and sweet. And a perfect dessert for the Holidays to come. Cologna Veneta, a municipality in the province of Verona, Veneto is worldwide renowned for being the hometown of Mandorlato. On December 4, 8, and 11 it will host the Mandorlato Festival. To have updates, follow the Festa del Mandorlato Cologna Veneta FB page.
Each Story Needs to Be Told

Your story needs to be told, and so does your loved ones’. Now you have the opportunity of making it count. Be part of our new project, the Italian American Who’s Who: the first collection ever of all the Italian American stories. A massive loving tribute to the community and a way to preserve your family’s memory for future generations. This is the first comprehensive recognition to a community that has left such an undeniable mark in this country, no matter the original background. And it’s not just about legacy: Who’s Who will also help in reconnecting family members and friends who have lost touch over the years and in expanding one’s own network.


One for the Road

Once there were the apple-pickers, now there are the drones. With apple season is at its peak, an Italian company specialized in growing and selling fruit has gone high-tech. At Rivoira & Figli, in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont, they have switched to the super innovative fruit-picking drones: the devices fly along the rows of trees, check the fruit, and pick the ones which are ready to be sold.

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