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December 2011
In Prospect

Entrepreneurship occurs at the intersection of creativity and tenacity. Those who work in that space will inevitably improve their surroundings and the lives of those around them. According to Dale Dawson entrepreneurs, “passionately drive to create something where nothing exists.” In his column this month, Dawson explains how the elements of entrepreneurship can help build strong societies and welcomes other first-movers to bring their vision to Africa.
ISOKO is also pleased to announce another in-house entrepreneur and its first Senior Fellow Carole Kariuki who comes to ISOKO from Kenya. As CEO of KEPSA, a consortium pursuing an enabling business environment in Kenya, Kariuki extends ISOKO’s reach further into East Africa

Also this edition, ISOKO looks at thought leaders changing Africa’s financial landscape. As the pace of financial inflows both charitable and commercial have quickened in Africa, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to optimize their use. Liberia is innovating smarter ways to give to relief and development efforts through the Liberian Philanthropy Secretariat while Bridge2Rwanda is helping to build a beachhead for FDI in Africa through its Financial Analyst Training Program.
Moreover, as a new contributor to the Huffington Post, ISOKO partner and Bridge2Rwanda’s Country Director Tom Allen calls on leaders and citizens across Africa to honor their business and legal commitments by upholding the sanctity of contract. He also offers commentary on seeking significance and living, breathing piggy banks.
Lastly, as some of you might have seen on our Facebook page, ISOKO Institute released a short documentary called Entrepreneurs of Rwanda, whichshowcases Rwanda as the vanguard of entrepreneurial development in Africa. Make sure to take 15 minutes of your time to watch it. 

To build strong societies, Africa needs to encourage the best and brightest of the next generation to serve their countries by becoming principled entrepreneurs with humble hearts.
Carole Kariuki brings years of experience in economic development and access to Kenya's business sector to ISOKO.
In the News
Liberia is harnessing the power of philanthropy.
ISOKO Institute presents a documentary about the development of Rwanda's private sector.
Bridge2Rwanda's Country Director and new contributor to the Huffington Post offers commentary on contracts, significance, and piggy banks.
Building the capacity to manage financial inflows while attracting more.
A reader on African entrepreneurship and market successes across the continent
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