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November 2011
In Prospect

Welcome to the first issue of ISOKO Institute’s Marketplace—a monthly e-newsletter designed to give form and add substance to ISOKO’s happenings and research. Since think tanks work in an economy of ideas their activities may seem somewhat esoteric. To counter this tendency, our newsletter hopes to address policy issues in a way that is approachable to Africa and to the friends of Africa. Coinciding with ISOKO’s research agenda, the newsletter will focus on issues pertinent to attracting foreign investment, building Africa’s entrepreneurial base, and implementing sound policy.
Each month the newsletter will feature a column by ISOKO's founding chairman Dale Dawson where he unpacks the insights on entrepreneurship he’s accrued through years of experience in the business sector. Alongside Dawson’s column, the newsletter will feature articles by other world-class contributors involved in ISOKO’s mission. This month features a question and answer session on foreign direct investment with a member of Rwanda's Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), Rod Reynolds.

As a final note, for the past couple of years ISOKO has used Rwanda as its leading laboratory and as a headquarters. And so while this month's edition highlights "The Land of a Thousand Hills" ISOKO's agenda is pan-African. Still, for this month we celebrate a new and aggressive chapter as ISOKO Institute takes off as Africa's leading free market think-tank. 

Marketing, entrepreneurship, and leadership will continue to fuel Africa's rise.
Recent Presidential Advisory Council inductee Rod Reynolds offers insight on next steps for attracting FDI into Rwanda. 
In the News
On September 18, President of Rwanda Paul Kagame announced the launch of ISOKO Institute to his Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) at a reception in New York City.
JP Morgan Chase & Co’s CEO Jamie Dimon announced an investment in Bridge2Rwanda’s Financial Analyst Training Program.
In the fall of 2012, a group of 40 students will attend the first American research institution with an in-country presence to offer a degree in Africa.
The former British PM has helped lionize a previously marginalized marketplace.
The Bradley Project on Africa presents a blueprint for prosperity in Africa.
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