FREE SUMMER DANCING, Workshops, and Dances!
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FREE dancing at
Lincoln Center and Pier 84
HAPPENING NOW: Midsummer's Night Swing
Outdoor concert series at Lincoln Center.  FREE to watch, listen or dance outside the mainfloor.  If you're looking to cut a rug on the floor you can pay by day or buy a dance pass!

STARTING 7/15: Hudson River Park's Moondance
Every Sunday 7/15-8/12 at Pier 84.  Starts at 6:30.  FREE lesson and dancing (with a dancefloor).  Painted Rhythm does not provide this lesson but it's an awesome event.  Every Sunday is a different style:  Swing, Salsa, or Tango.  Get the whole schedule here:

SUNDAY, 7/8:  Westside Westie
7:00 PM FREE Beginner Lesson (included with dance admission)
8:00 PM-11:00 PM DJ'd dancing with your favorite music!
$10, 50% OFF BOWLING
Framed Bowling Alley, 550 9th Ave

SATURDAY, 8/18:  Lindy Hop Boot Camp  1:00-5:00PM
East Coast Swing, Chareston, and Lindy Hop!
Click HERE to register now!

SUNDAY, 8/19: West Coast Swing Intensive 2:00-5:00PM
WCS Foundations and Technique, Fun Patterns, and Dips and Tricks!

Click HERE to register now!

I made it a little cheaper to pre-pay AND removed any transaction fees.  I will always accept students the day of class but pre-registrations let me know what size room to book, it streamlines the check-in process so the classes stay on time, and it lets me know if moving the class to a different day may even be in order.  Overall, it's a good thing!

Hi Guys!

It's the time of year for all of the fabulous outdoor dances in NYC!  I always feel extremely fortunate that I live in a city that offers so many opportunities not only to dance but to dance to amazing LIVE music.  I do want to encourage you to take advantage of the free dancing but please remember to support other venues and the bands even when they aren't free:  those venues and musicians are hard at work providing a place to dance and the music to dance to.  As much as most musicians love their jobs they want to get paid for working the same as you or I!

While taking advantage of our NYC'S FREE summer dances, here's some tips to keep you dancing longer:
  • 1.  Even if you are dancing on a dance floor, bring 2 pairs of shoes: dancing in the outdoor heat is bound to make your feet hot, swollen, blistery after some time.  I've found  that switching shoes halfway through the dance greatly improves my comfort!
  • 2.  Water is great but you may also want to consider bringing Gatorade or any type of beverage to replace the electolytes, vitamins, and minerals that you'll be burning through.
  • 3.  Dress comfortably:  We all want to look great but make sure the great outfit you pick will be breathable and comfortable as you dance the night away.
  • 4.  Bring an extra shirt:  It always feels really nice to change into a fresh shirt midway through the dance or at the end before heading out!
  • 5.  Where to put your stuff:  Look around by the stage area or where the dancers are congregated.  There is not usually a bag check or a lot of times it sell out so dancers tend to all put there stuff in the same area where it's pretty safe.  Generally it's an area surrounded by dancers who are taking a break from dancing or right where security is for the stage access. 
  • 6.  Most importantly:  STAY HYDRATED! (we mentioned this earlier with the Gatorade but it really is the #1 to make sure you have a great time dancing outdoors!)

If you have a facebook account, please "like" my fanpage.  I am posting all of my workshop reviews there as well as trying to post links to other articles and information I want to share with you guys! GO HERE

See you on the dance floor soon,

Upcoming Events

NOW! Midsummer Night Swing

7/8 Westside Westie
7:00 PM-11:00 PM,

7/15-8/12 Moondance
6:30 PM-11:00 PM,

7/24 Int/Adv West Coast Lesson
7:30 PM-8:30 PM,

8/18 Lindy Hop Boot Camp
1:00 PM-5:00

8/18 Leify Green at Saturday Swings
9:30 PM

8/19 West Coast Swing Intensive
2:00 PM-5:00

8/23-8/26 International Lindy Hop Championships

8/23-8/26 Summer Hummer

Every Wednesday
The Steve Rubin Orchestra
8:30-11:30 PM,

Also, private lessons are available by appointment 7 days a week from 10AM-10PM!  Private lessons are a GREAT way to move your dancing to the next level and are affordable (especially if you split them with a partner!)  Also, check out our private lesson special - 2 private lessons for $99! 

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